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Mike Fowler Gets The BRONZE in BRAZIL!!!!!!!  Submits Three Opponents

This past Saturday Mike Fowler did what only three other Team Lloyd Irvin members have done.  He placed in a Major tournament in Brazil.  Fowler has joined the ranks of Lloyd Irvin, and Rhadi Ferguson.  At the 2005 Brazilian World Cup Mike Fowler stood on the Brown Belt Podium as a proud member of an elite few.  Here are the details of the event courtesy of NHBFIGHTS.

Today the brown belts fought at the Copa do Mundo. I was particularly excited to see Mike Fowler in action here in Sao Paulo.

Mike's first fight: the guy pulled guard, and Mike worked to half-guard, working his "brabo" choke, setting up a pass. The guy recovered his half-guard, and Mike caught him with a straight armbar.

Mike's second fight: the guy pulled guard, and Mike worked to pass right away, and the guy sat up, looking to recover his guard or go for a sweep. Mike took the opportunity right away and leaped onto his back, going for a gi choke, and sinking the hooks in for the tap just 2 1/2 minutes in.

Mike's third fight: for the third time in a row, Mike's opponent pulled guard. It became apparent right away that this guy had a sick guard and great flexibility. This guy set up a fast triangle into an omoplata, catching Mike for a second. Mike postured up, stepping over the head and ending back up in the guy's formidable guard. After several more minutes of work, Mike was able to pass, using the lapel as an underhook, establishing side control for 3 points. The guy recovered guard momentarily, and Mike was able to pass again, this time ending up in north/south, immediately going for the "breadcutter" choke, and getting the tap.

Mike's forth fight: Finally, someone who doesn't pull guard right away. This guy's name was Tarsus Humphries, from Fabio Gurgel's Alliance academy. This guy has won and placed at lots of big tournaments in Brazil, including the prestigious Brasiliero (Brazilian Nationals) and last year's Copa do Mundo. Suffice it to say, he's a stud.

Anyway, the fight began with both guys going for takedowns. Tarsus got an advantage for a nice seoi-nage attempt, and Mike got one for a sasae-tsuri-komi-ashi (foot prop) to even the score. Tarsus scored another advantage, and so Mike pulled half-guard, establishing his preferred position- overhooking the arm, feeding the gi for additional control, scissoring the legs.... and he hit the triangle right away, catching Tarsus. Tarsus is, as mentioned above, no schlep, and so he immediately postured, defending very well, and Mike got the advantage, but lost some position. Tarsus seized the opportunity, going to a both-arms-under pass, eventually getting the pass for 3. At this point it was all Tarsus, sensing the victory ahead. Tarsus was able to get the mount, Mike sort of giving it up just to try something, and Mike was able to secure half-guard once again right as time ran out.

Tarsus went on to win the division, submitting his opponent in the finals.

Mike Fowler on Podium in Brazil

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