Hey Everybody,

I just wanted to say thank you to the whole Lloyd Irvin Martial Arts and Team Lloyd Irvin family. Some of you I've banged heads with on many mornings. I still remember being at the school at 7 am with Master Donnie, Lloyd and Jeff Ruth banging until somebody would start bleeding or couldn't go anymore. I remember rolling with Mike Fowler and butting heads with James. I must say you all and many others were very instrumental in allowing me to achieve my dream of becoming an Olympian. I'm smiling while I'm writing this letter because I know there were many times when I would come to the school and I know there where some people in the locker room saying, "D#MN!! He's here again, but even through all of that - you guys would roll with me anyway." Heck, even Jasmine and Mannie rolled with me on an occasion or two. So I say thank you.

I thank you from the bottom of my heart because I know there were times when you were in the middle of your curriculum and learning a series of moves from the system and the format of practice would change when I was in town. I say thank you for being understanding, for allowing me the opportunity to develop. I can't show enough gratitude.

Thank you to all of the parents who would greet me with a smile and a welcoming tone everytime I came in town to practice.

Thanks to the staff for being pleasant when I would call and when I would come into town.

And last but not least - LLOYD IRVIN - THA BADDEST MAN IN THE THE LAND ON THE MAT!!!! Thanks for your time, your dedication, your information, for sacrificing your body through aches and pains, and practicing with me against Ms. Rose's advice (wink wink). I appreciate everything. And I'm not even worried - I know you have at least 2 more Olympians in the camp right now. As long as their mat work is tight and they have good conditioning they will be alright. I know Ryan has it in him as well as a couple of others - I've seen it for myself. Thanks again.

Rhadi "The Judo Machine" Ferguson

Thanks to all of the parents


Rhadi Ferguson, M.A.T., CSCS











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