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At Lloyd Irvin 's Martial Arts Academy you'll find the most complete training schedule available in the area. That is why we have some students that drive more that 1 ½ hours one way just to train at our Academy. You simply can't find a more complete school.

We are one of only a handful of schools in the country to actually teach our Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu classes from a curriculum. You'll never have to guess what you need to do to get your BJJ Blue Belt from Team Lloyd Irvin . Our Blue Belt curriculum is posted for the World to see in our school and we have classes specifically dedicated to making sure you learn the requirements. We also have monthly progress checks to ensure that you are progressing within our curriculum.

We offer both striking and grappling classes with students of all levels, from doctors that just want to get in shape to students like Brandon Vera who recently competed in The Ultimate Fighting Championships winning by knock out.

Below is a general description of the classes we offer.

Thai-Jitsu Orientation - This is an introduction to our Stand Up fighting systems here at Lloyd Irvin's MMA Academy. This is for first-timers coming to the school looking to check out the Muay Thai Kickboxing program. If you are thinking about whether or not this program is for you, it is imperative that you come to the orientation so you can realize the potential of what these classes can do for you and how the techniques you learn could even Save Your Life! After you participate in the informative and fun orientation you'll get access to our Thai-Jitsu Intro classes.*

* It is recommended that new guests take both the BJJ/No Gi/MMA Orientation as well as the Thai-Jitsu Orientation so that we can help you find the program that best suits your needs. Why don't we give it a try?

Thai Jitsu - This is our premier adult martial arts program that focuses on the art of Thai Boxing and self-defense. This program is great for students interested in getting in shape and learning how to defend themselves. GET READY to experience a workout that makes you mentally and physically strong while learning the BEST way to defend yourself effectively. We want to invite you to test drive our training system with our INCREDIBLE FREE INTRODUCTORY OFFER! Join our team today and learn about the hottest and most talked about self-defense training system in the world.

Muay Thai Fight Team - The Fight Team consists of an affiliation of top-level Thai-Jitsu members who are dedicated to either fighting in the ring and/or cage or for individuals who are unable to compete, but would like to train like a true world-class fighter.  Individuals who plan on competing must be members of the Fight Team.  The idea behind the Fight Team is to reward the most focused and committed students of our school, and to help them pursue their goals by allowing them special training privileges.  The Fight Team is only for the most serious students of Team Lloyd Irvin. 

The Combat Gold Club - Team Lloyd Irvin 's Combat Gold Club--this is a special invitation only group. Everyone on this floor is dedicated and committed to BJJ, Thai Boxing or MMA so it makes for a very unique training environment. In these classes a student will also have the opportunity to take their training to the next level. For example, in the BJJ Combat Gold Club class students will learn the devastating art of Combat Sombo, as well as many non-traditional grappling techniques--some that are so devastating that they aren't allowed in competition. For more information about our Combat Gold Club, click the link to the left that says “The Combat Gold Club”.

The Combat Athlete Program - This program is designed exclusively for students whose main interest is Mixed Martial Arts. It's designed for both students whose goal is to fight and also for students that are not interested in fighting but still want to get the positive benefits of Mixed Martial Arts Training. If you are only interested in grappling or only interested in Thai boxing, then this program is not for you. This program is for the student that wants to become a COMPLETE well-rounded athlete. Students enrolled in our Combat Athlete Program will be invited to all of our Private closed-door training sessions with our pro athletes. Students that enroll in this program will personally meet with Master Lloyd to discuss their training schedule to reach their goals.

BJJ White Belt Basics - In this class our Blue Belt requirements are exclusively taught. This class is completely designed to ensure that our students learn all of the required material to pass our BJJ Blue Belt test. This class is mandatory for all white belts and is highly recommended for students of all levels to stay sharp on our core requirements. You will learn all aspects of our Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu fighting style from top to bottom.

No Gi Grappling - This class focuses on grappling without the use of the Gi. It is highly recommended that students interested in No Gi Grappling training still attend the BJJ White Belt Basics classes to get a solid base in BJJ. But it is not mandatory. You will notice that our best No Gi grapplers and MMA Fighters are attending the BJJ White Belt Basics classes and/or have completed the BJJ White Belt Basics Curriculum. Of course our best BJJ Fighters, No Gi Grapplers, and MMA Fighters are all members of the elite Combat Gold Club as well.

BJJ Blue Belts & Above - This class is available to all BJJ Blue Belts and above. (White belt students who are on the Combat Gold Club may attend these classes as long as they attended the preceding BJJ White Belt Basics Class.) In this class students are shown more advanced flowing drills, throwing combinations, submissions and are taught our unique jiu-jitsu systems that we use. White belt students are still taught the White Belt basics but are allowed to venture into some of these more high-level training systems.

BJJ Advanced (16 Classes & Up) – Students who have taken at least 16 of our BJJ Basics classes will get access to these classes. In these classes, students will be given a chance to learn more advanced techniques and will also be able to roll live (spar) with their teammates. These training sessions are more intense than the BJJ Basics classes and are great not only for a good workout but to test yourself both physically and mentally.

No Gi Advanced (16 Classes & Up) - Students who have taken at least 16 of our No Gi Basics classes will get access to these classes. In these classes, students will be given a chance to learn more advanced techniques and will also be able to roll live (spar) with their teammates. These training sessions are more intense than the No Gi Basics classes and are great not only for a good workout but to test yourself both physically and mentally.

Specialty Classes
BJJ Sweeps - This class focuses on teaching our students how to develop an impassable guard. Within this class a student will also discover how to master the ½ guard and become a sweeping machine. These specialty classes get straight to the core of the techniques. It is highly recommended that all students develop a great guard even if you don't want to be on the bottom. This class is invaluable to a BJJ fighter.

BJJ Stripe Exams for all classes are held on the last Thursday of each month unless otherwise stated during class.

BJJ Belt Examinations are on the last Friday of each month unless otherwise stated during class.

White Belt

White Belt:

This is the beginning belt. At LIMAA we have 5 phases of white belt that a student progresses through. Although a student may receive the full blue belt before completion of the 5 phases this is the white belt rank progression at Lloyd Irvin’s Martial Arts Academy. Students begin in the Fundamental Classes learning the monthly curriculum. The last Thursday of each month students will test on the curriculum for the month. Students that past their test will receive a stripe on their belt. After receiving 4 stripes you will become eligible for the next Phase of White Belt. Students that are ready for their blue belt will be informed by the instructor.

Blue Belt

BJJ Blue Belt

Purple Belt

Purple Belt

Brown Belt

BJJ Brown Belt

Black Belt

Brazilian Jiu-jitsu Black Belt

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