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June 5th, 2004::

Team Lloyd Irvin Produces Their Very First Olympian

The 2004 US Olympic Judo Team

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February 18, 2006:

Team Lloyd Irvin ROCKS at the Battle of the Boardwalk and at the USKBA San Shou Kickboxing Championships

Ryan Hall is unscored upon and submits all opponents!!!!

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February 4, 2006:

Team Lloyd Irvin Wins At The

Ultimate Fighting Championships

Again By KNOCK OUT!!! 

Well we did it again!  Brandon “The Truth” Vera making his second UFC debut scores a first round knock out.

Instead of doing our normal write up, we’ll just let the photo’s do the talking.

Team Lloyd Irvin still continues to prove to the World that we have some of the best training methods available.  We aren’t a professional fight team, we are a martial arts school that takes regular people and makes them Champions.  We’ve proved this in Thai Boxing, Sombo, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Mixed Martial Arts.

If you’re serious about training at a school that can really prepare you to become your absolute best, you owe it to yourself to take advantage of our FREE 30 Trial .
You can see detailed information about the events leading up to the big UFC fight by visiting our BLOG by clicking the link below
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February 4, 2006:

Team Lloyd Irvin at Carlos Machado Winter Wars

Well the boys went on the road again.  Phil Weslow, Julius Park, and Ryan Hall to Dallas and represented Team Lloyd Irvin. Read all about it by clicking the link below..

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January 19, 2006:

Master Lloyd Promotes Two More Black Belts

David Womack finally receives the well deserved Black Belt

Master Paul at the age of 41 works his butt off day in and day out and is rewarded with the Black Belt.

Our Blackbelts!!  Missing from photo are Mike Fowler and Nakapan Phungehorn.

January 16, 2005:

Team Lloyd Irvin at Budweiser World Cup 2006!!!

For the first tournament of 2006, Team Lloyd Irvin sent Seph Smith, Phil Weslow, and Ryan Hall down to the Budweiser Jiu-Jitsu World Cup in Concord, NC.  It was a two day event that featured a number of top competitors from teams such as Balance, Alliance, Lloyd Irvin, and Velocity.  Day one was the gi competition, and Sunday would feature the always popular no-gi action, including four professional divisions (light, middle, heavy, and women’s)..

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December 18, 2005:

Team Lloyd Irvin Takes Grapplemania by Storm!!!

Grapplemania 2005 was held on 12/18/05 in Wake Forest, NC, and as one of the last competitions of the year, it attracted a number of top competitors from the southeast.  It was an action-packed day of great matches.

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December 3, 2005:

5th American International Championships And
Ryan Hall Introduces The West Coast To His Infamous Triangle

This weekend, Team Lloyd Irvin sent Mike Fowler and Ryan Hall to Long Beach, CA to compete in the 5th American International Championships of Jiu-Jitsu.  

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November 11, 2005:

Shidokan USA Championship

Muhsin Corbbrey of Hilton Head, SC defeated Mike Smiley of Pittsburgh, PA by TKO in round one. Muhsin used sweeping low kick to knock Smiley off of his feet and finished him with a hard knee to the face at the end of round one.

In the Lightweight finals, Muhsin Corbbrey and Raphael Assuncao put on an awesome display of technique and power as the two fought hard from beginning to end. In round one Corbbrey attacked with hard low kicks and body punches,

Assuncao answered back with strong kicks and knees and a powerful takedown.  In round two Corbbrey pressed the action more and showed his impressive boxing style landing hard left hooks and right hands. In round 3 Assuncao got the takedown after taking some punishment standing. Corbbrey attacked from the bottom looking for submissions.  Corbbrey's early aggression earned him his first Team USA Lightweight Championship.

September 16, 2005:
Dave Kaplan Won His WKA US MMA Title

This weekend Team Lloyd Irvin’s Dave Kaplan crushed his competition in an MMA match that also had Sean Sherk and Din Thomas fighting on the same card.

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August 22, 2005:
Master Lloyd Promotes Mike Fowler To The Rank Of BJJ Black Belt

Master Lloyd Ties Fowler's Black Belt

Team Lloyd Irvin Black Belts Present The Newest Addition To The Black Belt Ranks

August 6, 2005:
Team Lloyd Irvin Represents At The Battle Of The Beach

This weekend Team Lloyd Irvin’s Derek Herrera competed at NAGA's Battle at the Beach.  On saturday, in the Men's No-Gi Advanced Cruiserweight Division, he won his first match submitting his opponent by triangle choke.  He then fought Dan Simmler, a tough purple belt from Matt Serra Jiujitsu, and after battling for 4 minutes Simmler managed to take Derek's back and finish with a rear naked choke.  Derek then fought for third and won a quick match again by triangle choke.

Sunday Derek fought in the Men's Blue Belt cruiserweight division and submitted all three of his opponents on his way to winning the division.  He won his first match by triangle choke/armbar, his second match by baseball choke, and his final match by rear naked choke.

 Amie Turton brings home TWO GOLDS in the Women’s No Gi Advance Lightweight and the Women’s Gi Blue Belt and Above 135 divisions only having 1 point scored on her in four matches.

Congratulations to everyone that put on the line win lose or draw.  If your results aren’t posted on the news site we never received your information.
July 31, 2005:
Team Lloyd Irvin Represents At The George Pendergrass Classic

Darren Johnson, one of our competitors, drove down to North Carolina in order to compete in the George Pendergrass Classic.

He competed in two divisions, winning the Gold in the Blue Belt Masters.  He beat a Gustavo Machado Blue Belt by Americana (paintbrush) in the finals. 

Darren trained for this tournament when he wasn't at the academy.  He rode the bike,  did the StairMaster,  ran the treadmill, and basically took his cardio very seriously.  As a result he represented in good fashion and brought back the gold.  During the stand up, he won the gripping battle, and didn't try anything fancy, he just stuck to his game plan.  He took him down with a technique that Dave showed him in class just this last Thursday.  He drilled it and drilled it and it worked like a charm in the match. 

We are all proud of Darren, who now says, " I'm planning to go to Grapplers Quest in September!!"

Congratulations to everyone that put on the line win lose or draw.  If your results aren’t posted on the news site we never received your information.
July 25, 2005:
Mike Fowler Gets The BRONZE in BRAZIL!!!!!!!  Submits Three Opponents

This past Saturday Mike Fowler did what only three other Team Lloyd Irvin members have done.  He placed in a Major tournament in Brazil.  Fowler has joined the ranks of Lloyd Irvin, and Rhadi Ferguson.  At the 2005 Brazilian World Cup Mike Fowler stood on the Brown Belt Podium as a proud member of an elite few.  Here are the details of the event courtesy of NHBFIGHTS.

For complete details click here.

July 16, 2005:
Team Lloyd Irvin Rocks Massachusetts
With Only 3 Competitors
Team Lloyd Irvin Brought Back 5 GOLD MEDALS!!!!!

Making her Team Lloyd Irvin debut Amie Turton had no one show up for women's advanced lightweight so she bumped up and wrestled women's advanced heavyweight.  She submitted both her opponents there - one with her patented arm a triangle from guard.  In the gi, Amie represented in true Lloyd Irvin form winning her one match by the score of 12 * 0 Amie ended the match with a choke.

To the surprise of everyone at Team Lloyd Irvin Mike Atkin decided to compete even though he has an injury to his arm that has kept him off the mats all week.  Mike won the Executive No-gi 4x0, takedown and guard pass.

To round things out Julius Park made his long awaited debut back on the mats.  You could tell by the way Julius was going to war with Mike Fowler on the mats in last weeks Black Belt Club class that it was time for Julius to get back on the circuit.  Julius won the advanced lightweight no-gi by tapping his first opponent with a knee bar from 1/2-guard, tapping his second opponent with a rolling toe-hold from on top.  Julius then decided to enter the Purple Belt LW (under 175), in the first round he tapped his opponent with an arm bar from mount, in his second match he faced the very tough Cacau who is one of Jamelao's students winning 2 * 0 and in the finals Julius tapped Mat Santos in about 8 seconds with an arm bar.

Way to go Team Lloyd Irvin.

July 11, 2005:
Mike Easton Wins By TKO!!!

Remains The CSC Lightweight Champion

Mike Easton put on a spectacular show for all of his local hometown fans this past weekend in Virginia.  From the moment Mike’s opponent was announced you could tell by the way he walked to the ring that he was very confident and ready to go to battle.

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July 9, 2005:
Team Lloyd Irvin Captures Their 8th Straight Team Title

Grapplers Quest Southeast and Copa Atlantica Weekend

Team Lloyd Irvin traveled to Virginia not expecting to have enough competitors to make a run for the team title but boy did the competitors that came out do a GREAT job.

For complete details click here.

July 1, 2005:
Ed Clay’s Nashville MMA/ Team Lloyd Irvin go 5-0 in Shooto St Louis!!!!!!!!!

In an amazing night of action packed fights Ed Clay’s Nashville MMA/Team Lloyd Irvin won all five matches in a combined time 5:14 seconds. Shooto comissioner Johny Walls called the teams performance “Awesome. The fans want to see knock outs and submissions and Ed’s guys deliver. All of Ed Clay’s guys were incredibaly well prepared and it showed.

For complete details click here.

May 14, 2005:
"Team Lloyd Irvin Student Mike Fowler "Submits"
Yamasaki Academy Instructor Francisco Neto In
First Round Of Pro Division"

Grappler's Quest News

The mats at Team Lloyd Irvin have been on fire as everyone was preparing for the upcoming Grapplers Quest event. But Mike Fowler was on a particular mission after finding out that his first round opponent was going to be the Head Instructor at The Yamasaki Academy which is a local school in Maryland. Fowler would be facing Yamasaki instructor and BJJ Black Belt Francisco Neto. When Fowler was asked why he was so pumped up for this match he said.

"It's a long story but in a nutshell. I fought my friend David Jacobs from the Yamasaki Academy twice, submitting him the first time with a triangle and the second time in the first round of a tournament he beat me on points. In our second match after David beat me the entire Yamasaki team went crazy, I'll never forget looking up seeing how happy Fernando Yamasaki was jumping up and down. Then when I got to watch the video of the match to see my mistakes it got worse. Right after the match during all of the excitement I could see Fernando get on his cell phone and make a call, I guess to tell someone that David beat me. You just had to see it to understand what I'm talking about. I didn't like that feeling and I didn't want it to happen again. Master Lloyd made me a video tape of the end of the match, how they were celebrating and the phone call being made. It was real funny but good because he put triple takes in it, slow motion and added music to make it more dramatic. I watched this video every day to get me motivated for my daily training. I wanted to do everything possible to make sure I didn't have to go through that again. I want to thank everyone at Team Lloyd Irvin for making the room hot during training and to thank Master Lloyd for being my main training partners in preparation for this match, it paid off."

Mike Fowler ( Team Lloyd Irvin) vs. Fransico Neto (Yamasaki)

The match started off with both guys looking for a takedown. Neto's base was incredible avoiding everything that Fowler attempted. Fowler then goes for a move and in a blink of an eye Neto does a lighting fast O Uchi Gari. During the match Neto counters Fowlers takedown attempt and scores 2 points with a take down. From this point on Neto shows excellent posture that he is known for. He stands up in base trying to open Fowlers guard but Fowlers guard is to tight. Fowler finally opens his guard, dropping back to his feet. Later in the match Fowler is instructed to start pushing the pace and not let Neto sit on his 2 point lead. Fowler is working for his triangle but Neto is on to it standing up each and every time Fowler starts to get close. Then Fowler crosses over from half guard to start to work underneath for the legs. Scramble after scramble happens, Neto is countering everything that Fowler throws at him like an experienced veteran. But then one time Neto stuffed Fowler leg attempt, Fowler immediately re-rolled catching Neto off balance, Fowler blocked the stop block and secured the submission forcing Neto to TAP Fowler to release.

Fowler Submitting Neto!!

Mike Fowler jumps up to celebrate, runs over to give Master Lloyd a hug while Neto is still on the ground in disbelief. It was like the look that Royler Gracie had when Eddie Bravo tapped him. Mike Fowler wouldn't have to worry about the Yamasaki team celebrating on his behalf this day.

Fowler Victorious!!

Mike Fowler (Team Lloyd Irvin) vs. Regis Lebre ( Saulo Riberio)

This match pitted Mike Fowler against another BJJ Black Belt. This was one of the most exciting matches of the day. Fowler was going for takedown, after takedown. At one point Mike took Regis down during a scramble only getting him an advantage. Fowler was working to pass the guard with the knee cut across technique. He started to use a new variation being developed in the academy. Fowler passed multiple times using this technique but he wasn't able to hold Regis long enough to get awarded the points. At one point Regis got a takedown during a scramble for the 2 points. Fowler started to work for a half guard sweep and caught Regis in a knee bar also but he didn't have it tight enough and Regis escaped. The last 90 seconds of the match saw F owler chasing Regis trying to get a takedown while Regis just concentrated on not getting taken down. The time ran out with Regis winning 2 * 0.

After the event Master Lloyd had this to say.

"Everyone fought well and gave it their all. That's all that I can ask for. Mike fought really well and never stopped trying to get Regis down. I'm really happy for Mike with his win over Neto, he trained hard for it and I know how much it bothered him last time with what happened after he lost. Neto is really good and I have nothing but the utmost respect for him. Besides the Black Belts on our team, Neto is the only BJJ Black Belt from our area putting it on the line at these types of events in front of his students. You can't do anything but respect that. Like I always tell my guys, win , lose or draw, everything is a learning experience.

Leo Dalla was the Team Lloyd Irvin representative at the 190 pound division. In his first round Dalla completely dominated winning by a HUGE margin of points.

In his second match he faced the always tough Rick McCauley. The match went back and forth. Rick had some good leg lock and sweep attempts with Dalla getting close to some sweeps of his own. At one point Rick went for a nice sweep that made Dalla use all of his athletic ability by going into a perfect handstand and walking out of the sweep. With about 40 seconds remaining Dalla slapped on a Oma Plata and then switched to a toe hold as time ran our. Rick won 3 advantages to 2 advantages.

Jared Weiner was our Light weight representative. He won his first match by points. During this match Jared did a very nice back take move where he jumped onto the back, during this match Jared injured his back/hip again. Like the warrior he is Jared continued to fight losing his second round match.

We are still waiting for more results to come in.

Photo's to come.

March 26, 2005:
Team Lloyd Irvin Training Was A Smashing Hit

With 10 BJJ Black Belts on the floor at Lloyd Irvin’s Martial Arts Team Training, how could it not be the best one yet. Yes you read that correctly. We had 10 BJJ Black Belts on the floor in our academy at one time. This moment was priceless as students got to learn from and training with everyone. If you missed this team training I hope you had a good reason because this one is going to be hard to beat but for some reason I think we’ll do it.

The Mat Remained Full

You can see Team Lloyd Irvin students practicing what they just learned.

Master Lloyd and a Total of 10 BJJ Black Belts

Master Lloyd addresses the team, talks about our goals for the New Year, tells everyone what he expects from them and gave everyone a motivating word. This was followed by every black belt giving their words of wisdom.

Everyone left pumped up and ready to go train even harder.

Best wishes to all of the Team Lloyd Irvin competitors heading to the Pan Ams this weekend.

March 26, 2005:
Incredible Amount of Promotions After Successful Team Training

This list was so impressive that I am going to have to separate them by belt and if you are a part of the team then you know just how hard this crew worked in order to attain this level. Let's also take this opportunity to congratulate Brandon Vera on winning not 1 but 2 MMA fights back to back the same night.

Brandon Vera

Ed Clay

Phil Proctor

Joshua Fortiz

Rustem Tuganov

Travis McIline

February 18, 2005:
"Team Lloyd Irvin/Nashville MMA wins Beginner, intermediate, white, and purple belt absolute at the Submission Fighter tournament of Champions!!!"

On February 19th and 20th 8 of the nine competitors that competed for team Lloyd Irvin/ Nashville MMA finished in the top three in their divisions. The only competitor that did not place had to bow out in the semifinals after 2 wins due to an ankle injury.

Shawn Sprawling Hard

The day started out with the purple belt division. Shawn Hammonds won three matches to win his 187 pound division. In the finals he defeated his opponent, one of Travis Lutter’s standout purple belts by a score of 5-0. After winning this division Shawn said “I used Lloyd Irvin’s three points of pressure to submit that first opponent. I stayed in side control for a while and the opponent said he could not take it. He didn’t know what I was doing!”

Third Point Pressure Crushes Opponent

In the absolute division tournament directors matched the purple and brown belt competitors together. Shawn Hammonds received a bye to the semi finals. In the semi finals Shawn had a tough match. Early in the match the opponent scored a takedown. Shawn quickly got to work attacking from his guard and scored a sweep. His opponent continued to attack and Shawn seized a brief mistake and got the guard pass. The match ended shortly after with Shawn winning 5-2.

In the finals Shawn fought a tough purple belt who the fight before defeated a tough brown belt. Shawn took his opponent down with a nice single leg and started to work in his opponents guard. Shawn scored two guard passes and a knee on belly to win in the finals by impressive fashion 10-0. After the fight Shawn said “I trained very hard for this tournament and the competition was very tough. I was controlling these opponents with the brabo grip that Master Lloyd showed me. That’s how I got that last knee on belly. This was great preparation for next weeks Grapplers Quest!”

Shawn's Controlling Knee on Belly

In an amazing feat Lloyd Irvin/Nashville MMA white belt stand out B.J. Fletcher won 5 divisions and went 14-0 for the weekend. He won the white belt 205 and absolute and also won the intermediate 205, intermediate heavy (which he won three matches in) and the intermediate absolute division. Fletcher was very excited with his victories and said”Our training was 3x’s as hard as the competition. It showed. I felt like we knew so much more than the competition. This gave me the confidents through 14 matches. I know Ed uses team Lloyd Irvin training methods and it showed why we are a part of the best team in the country! I love the comraderie with the team. We have something special going here!”

Mike Hiller made a statement this weekend winning the white belt 187 division taking 2nd in the white belt absolute, winning his beginner 187 pound division and also winning the beginner absolute. Mikes coach Ed Clay said after his matches “I am very proud of Mike. He works hard every class and stays very focused. He takes more notes than anyone in the school. He was undefeated this weekend and bowed out to his teammate B.J. Fletcher in the finals. He has come a long way and has improved more that anyone in the school over the last 5 months!”

New Nashville MMA and Gameness Sales and Marketing director Dave Reilly competed in four divisions going 8-0. Dave dominated all of his matches including getting 3 submissions and winning two other matches by the 12 point skunk rule. He bowed out to his teammates in 2 finals matches. Dave said of his experience “It is great to be a part of this team. We all trained very hard and smart for this and I am very happy with the out come. Our team did incredible and I’ proud to be a part of it.”
Thai boxing stand out Mardae Weaver won his beginner division after only training bjj for six weeks. He then went on to win two matches in the beginner absolute making it all the way to the finals where he bowed out to his teammate. Mardae is a great athlete and former college football stand out. Sticking to his game plan and conditioning was the key’s he says” I was in great shape going into this tournament. I knew I didn’t know a lot but Ed gave me a strategy for my matches and I executed it well. I had to stick to the game plan perfectly to win and I did. It was a good experience. I need to compete as much as possible to start preparing for my fight career.”

Purple belt Ray Casias did very well in his no gi matches on Saturday. Ray won the advance 205 and advances heavyweight no gi division. Ray had to shake off a tough day in the Saturday purple belt division to complete this feat. Ray says “Saturday was a tough day for me but I had to get over that and get my mind straight on Sunday. I wanted to come back strong and am happy overall with the experience. I am very proud of the team”!

Some Medals

Other notables were Danial Smith, Chad Washburn and Kent Rollins. Danial and Chad both fought tough matches and finished 2nd in their respective divisions and Kent won 2 tough matches but popped his ankle in his second match and could not compete in the semi finals.

Showing Off the Medals

Overall Nashville MMA/Team Lloyd Irvin won 23 medals with nine competitors. This was a great start to the 2005 tournament circuit!

January 24, 2005:
"Master Lloyd Promotes Seph To The Well Deserved Purple Belt"

Congratulations Seph. What an accomplishment

January 15, 2005:
"When will it STOP!!??
Team Lloyd Irvin Dominates Budweiser Cup!
Fowler Wins Most Technical Competitor Trophy "

With blue belts Team LI in Richmond’s own Seph Smith takes 2nd after three great fights! Also in this division out of Fredericksburg was Ryan Hall Who lost a tough first match, and also Mason Welch who won his first, but stepped to the side to let teammate Seph go on to try and take the division. Great Job guys!

Our very own Darren gave a great performance to secure 2nd place in the blue belt heavyweight! After submitting his first opponent with his bread and butter move, a choke from the top, He gave a great judo demonstration as he sends his opponent soaring to the mat!! The opponent was also very skilled and was able to secure a choke, Darren had never seen. Darren was forced to tap, but nothing stops him and he can’t wait for the next tournament!!!! Also in blue, a heartbreaking match for Nicole Lichenstein. She fought an awesome match that was forced into overtime but the other girl was able to walk away with the win. Way to go Nicole!!

In Purple Belt, Mike Easton defies the pressures of his brand new purple to win his fight against a tough Yamasaki student, Klint. Mike Easton was just recently promoted to purple, but you could have never known he was brand new! Mike Easton’s exciting style once again drew crowds with onlookers from all across the gym. The match was back and forth, sweep attempts, guard pass attempts, everything you can imagine. Late in the match Mike Easton used his phenomenal takedown skills to secure two pints. The match was still up for grabs as Mike is almost swept at the buzzer for 6 points!!!! Mike’s face never changed, he knew he won and defended like he planned it!

Mike Easton Going On To Win His First Purple Belt Competition Agaist The Always Tough Yamasaki Player Klint

Also in purple belt, James Valentine had a great first match that was close by points, but James pulled the win out like a magician pulling a rabbit out of a hat. His next fight, James pulled, but the opponent was well versed in foot locks, and was able to catch James, which is not easy! Congrats to James!

Last, but not least, Brand new brown belt Mike Fowler not only wins his division, but also takes home the Most Technical Competitor trophy!!!! As his first match as a brown belt, Mike was nervous, but he was confident in the training Master Lloyd had given him. His first match was off to a rough start, but after securing the guard pass, he went to the Lloyd Irvin patented Brabo choke. The opponent having no option, but to tap! His next fight was against a Brazilian from Flavio Behring in Sao Paulo, Brazil. After spending a few minutes exchanging takedown attempts, Mike pulls to his infamous half guard. Mike comes back to his feet and nails a takedown, and then goes right for the pass. The opponent was extremely tough to tap, with Mike having his arm bent all around backwards. Baffled, Mike goes to work for chokes, and other submissions, but time had run out. Mike was the Brown belt Champion!!!!

Fowler On the Attack

Fowler Wins His First Match As A Brown Belt

Way to go Team Lloyd Irvin!!!!


On Sunday in the No Gi advanced Seph omoplata swept then heel hooked brown belt JoJo Guarin in one of the best fights of the day. Lloyd B. got second in the intermediate lghtwt. div. The tournament didnt have the biggest turnout but trust me when I say the competition was stiff.

Lloyd Baldwin Triangles an Opponent

Ryan Hall submitted his first two no-gi opponent's with his signature triangle. He had a hard battle in the finals and ended up taking 2nd place in the Intermediate WelterWeight no-gi division. He also fought in the Advanced division, but got heel hooked, by the well known competitor Andrew Smith, about 2 minutes into the match.

January 13, 2005:
"Master Paul Gets The Long Awaited Brown Belt"

Master Paul Promoted to Brown

Master Paul has been a part of Team Lloyd Irvin when we were Ultimate Self Defense Concepts and we competed under the name Soldiers of Submission. Way to go!

December 21, 2004:
"Mike "The Hulk" Easton Gets The Purple Belt "

Mike Easton Promoted to Purple

Just two years into jiu-jitsu Mike Easton moves in the the purple belt ranks. Most people didn't even know Mike could fight with the gi because he's been tearing up the NHB scence. Mike wanted to push for the purple belt so he put the gi back on and started going to tournaments to show his stuff. Many people have said the Mike reminds them of Leo Veira when he competes because of his acrobatic style. At only 145 pounds Mike has won every blue belt competition that he has entered and at the VA Federation tournament he won his weight class and the open division beating a 250 pound giant.

Tonight Master Lloyd Promotes Mike Easton to the well deserved Purple belt.

December 20, 2004:

"Master Lloyd Promotes Fowler and Esposito"

Doug Esposito Moves to Purple

You may not have heard the name Doug Esposito that much on the tournament scene in the lately but Doug is our silent assasin. Because of a heavy work load and other commitments Doug doesn't get to the tournaments that often. But when he does he always got the GOLD as a blue belt. he's been kicking but in the Academy for some time now and tonight Master LLoyd presented Doug with the much deserved Purple Belt.

Master Lloyd had this to say after class. "It's an honor to be able to promote Doug to the purple belt, he really deserves it. I expect him to make an immediate impact at the purple belt level."

Mike Fowler Promoted to Brown

On the other side of the spectrum you have Mike Fowler. Just about at the three year mark Mike Fowler has made a HUGE name for himself on the competition scene. Mike has competed against the very best purple belts in the country and his record speaks for itself. Tonight Mike joined the ranks not seen by many, Master Lloyd awards Mike Fowler with the Brown Belt. Master Lloyd had this to say:

"Mike has worked very hard to reach this level, I expect that he must work just as hard to earn the same respect that he has had as a blue and purple belt. Nothing changes, you got to get out there and compete, win, lose or draw, go out there and get your experience."

December 11, 2004:

What can you say? Mike Fowler has been tearing up the scene as a purple belt. He’s been flying around the country to compete against the best purple belts America has to offer. Many of the Purple belts he’s already submitted have since moved on to the brown belt ranks. His journey continues. Mike heard the phenom Bill Cooper was going to be at the Florida Grapplers Quest so as usual he contacted his sponsors and was on his way.

Mike entered the 175 and under purple belt division and also put his name into the 175 and over division since it would be following the lightweight tournament.

As luck would have it Mike would get his wish and face Bill Cooper in the very first match. This is a match that people all over the Internet have wanted to see for a long time. Bill “The Grill” Cooper has been on an unstoppable mission as a purple belt, taking the silver medal at this years pan ams losing only by an advantage in the finals and winning basically everything he enters. Fellow team mate and grappling stud in his own right Jeff Glover had this to say about his team mate Bill “The Grill” “ Bill kicks my butt in class every day. “ Anyone that can kick Jeff Glovers butt everyday is a BAD MAN.

Bill has been beating men left and right for some time now. You may ask yourself so what. Well it may not seem like allot until you realize Bill is only 17 years old. Yes, at these same events that he beats men like they are boys he also competes in the kids teenage divisions also. But once on the mat with Bill age is only a number.

This was a great match that pitted two well-known guard players, Bill on one side has what many call an un-passable guard and Fowler is a terror with the triangle from the guard.

So now to the match. Mike Fowler vs. Bill “The Grill” Cooper

The match begins with Bill pulling Fowler into his dangerous guard. Now was the time that Fowler could show the World his “Very Heavy” top game. Bill was working his magic from bottom that had Fowler confused until he was able to solve the riddle of Bill’s guard.

Once Mike unlocked the combination to Bill’s guard he was able to pass to cross mount.

Mike Passing Bill "The Grill's" Guard

Once in cross mount Mike locks in the kimura

Mike Locking Kimura

Bill is a magician in his own right with an expertise in escapes. Bill was able to defend everything that Mike threw. He has a remarkable way to recompose the guard. The match went back and forth with Mike trying to pass and Bill trying to sweep/submit. Mike was able to pass Bill’s guard two more times.

During a scramble Mike finally gets to his guard and is looking for his triangle. Bill knows what’s coming and defends this position like a seasoned pro. Then out of nowhere Mike hits his new sweep making the score 11 * 0.

Then Mike was set up for “THE BRABO CHOKE”. Mike was in position for the kill, he passed the lapel, adjusted his grip, reached underneath to get the grip, passed his opponents are and BAM!!!!!!!!!!! A full-blown brabo choke. Is this the way this epic battle would end? Not if Bill had anything to do with it. Bill fought his heart out to get our of this death hold but to no avail. Fowler had it in to deep and was going for the kill, he could smell the tap coming and then something he never even thought about happened. The time ran out. Fowler is victorious 11* 0

Mike Locking Brabo

Mike With Hand Raised in Victory

Fowler would move on to submit everyone else in the light weight event and also submit everyone in the heavy weight event, while Bill on the other side moved on the NO GI division submitting everyone in dominate fashion.

Fowler Victorious Again

Here are some more pictures of Fowler submitting the big boys.

“Mike going for his Red Hot Butter Knife with the Bread Cutter Choke”

“Mike finishing off the big guy with the good ole’ Arm Lock”

Mike Victorious

After the competition Mike Fowler had this to say. “ It’s great to be able to fly everywhere to compete against the best people. Master Lloyd says I need to go find the people that are the best and compete against them, win, lose or draw, go out there and get the experience. That’s what I’m trying to do. Today my game plan was really working well. The Game Plan I followed today I actually showed in Master Lloyd’s new product www.thegrapplinggameplan.com it’s been getting good results. I’m going to sit down with Master Lloyd and see what I’m going to take out and add.

"I’m really happy with my tournament win today. But to be able to win two different divisions is a great feeling."

November 20, 2004:
"Darren Johnson Sweeps His Division Winning GOLD"

Newly promoted blue belt Darren Johnson takes the LONG ROAD trip to Middletown CT. from Clinton Maryland as the solo representative for Team Lloyd Irvin, while his other teammates do battle in Georgia.

Darren won all of his matches by submission becoming the “2004 New England Grappling Champion".

When asked about this competition Darren said. “ This was my first competition that I’ve won, being able to call myself the 2004 New England Grappling Champion feels really good.”

Darren Johnson
Brand New 2004 New England Grappling Champion

November 20, 2004:


When it comes to competition Team Lloyd Irvin’s philosophy is simple. You got to go out there and put it on the line in order to improve. You must seek out the best competitors and go compete against them. The end result is that you will win or lose. If you lose, find out what you did wrong, correct the mistake for next time and if you win take it in stride because. “Things are never as good as they seem and things are never as bad as they seem”

"Mike "The Magician" Fowler Does It Again"

Well Mike’s nickname isn’t “The Magician” really but after what happened this weekend that’ll be his temporary nickname.

Mike Fowler has become a dominant force in the purple belt ranks in America. His spotted hair and his willingness to travel anywhere top competitors are competiting have allowed him to build quite a name for himself.

On a weeks notice Master Lloyd told Fowler that 6th Degree Black Belt Jacare’ was having a tournament in Georgia and that he had a student who was supposed to be really tuff named Ryan Ellison that was near his weight. In the Southeast Ryan is a very big name and the purple belt to beat. Fowler was up to the challenge.

After arriving at the venue we learned that there were only two other opponents in Mike’s division one of them being Ryan. So it was on. Mike had traveled specifically to compete against Ryan and his wish came true in the very first round of the Purple Belt medium.

You could tell it was Ryan’s home crowd because when the announced Ryan’s name the crowd went wild. When the match began Fowler pulled guard immediately attacking from his triangle and brabo choke. Ryan didn’t look phased at all; just listening to his masterful coach Jacare gives instruction to succefully escape Fowlers Attacks.

Then in a moments notice Fowler shifted to his new half guard position that he’s been working on. Ryan was off balance finally, Fowler now switched to the X-Guard position. Everyone was telling Ryan “ Remember what Fabio Gurgel showed us from this position” for those that don’t know Fabio Gurgel’s student Marcelo Garcia is the master of the X-Guard. But it wasn’t to be; Fowler was to quick on his transitions and was able to get the sweep for the two points. The crowd was silent now. Ryan quickly got back to his feet, Fowler pulled guard again. This time Ryan got to the ½ guard and was able to open up Fowlers lapel. We heard that Ryan has crushing top pressure and it showed. Fowler was stuck with nowhere to go. Finally Fowler was able to escape but not without Ryan being in a great position to pass, Fowler was trying his best to defend but Ryan’s pressure was too much forcing him to turn out to avoid the pass giving up the advantage. Ryan starts to work to take the back (The crowd is going wild). It was very intense but we had only seen one person take Fowlers back ever in competition so we were confident that he would be able to defend himself in this position. Ryan was pushing the pace, he tried to side over for the mount then Fowler defended that by pushing the leg over then the time ran out. WHAT A BARN BURNER!!! Fowler wins by the score of
2 * 0.

After the match people were saying that if Ryan had 30 more seconds he would’ve won. We asked Mike what he thought about this and he said “It’s hard to say, maybe he would’ve gotten the points or maybe I would’ve continued to stop him from getting the points and escaped. You never know. As a purple belt you only have 7 minutes to do whatever you’re going to do. When the 7 minutes are over you either win or lose. Today I won.

Mike Fowler Defeats Ryan!!


In the finals Fowler would face a newly promoted purple belt from Team Alliance. From the start Mike forced his game on his competitor. The next thing you know Fowler was switching back and forth from triangle to arm bar but he just didn’t have enough to finish it as his opponent did an excellent job defending. Then a sudden whip he force Fowler to turn out and then what happened had everyone in shock. He had Mike Fowler in a FULL BLOWN Clock Choke! It was reminiscent of when Wallid finished Royce Gracie with the Clock. (Everyone in the crowd was on their feet.) Would the newcomer do the impossible? You could tell from Fowlers movements that the choke was getting tighter. HE was in the choke for about 20 seconds now. It didn’t look good at all. We had faith he would be used to escaping from it. But this looked like it might be the end of the road for Mike. But in a flash, like a wizard from the Harry Potter movie Mike escaped, face red as an apple, Mike pulled himself together to begin an attacking onslaught like non other. Mike started running up the score passing the guard, mounting and attacking submissions. He had a straight-arm bar, a paintbrush, triangle, mount triangle but his opponent was a wizard himself escaping every single hold. Then with about 20 seconds left Fowler went from mount to arm bar, he straighten the arm out, then his opponent raised his hand in preparation to tap but decided not to as time ran out. Mike won by a staggering landslide of points and ended up winning his division without a single point scored on him.

Mike Catches His Opponent in A Vicious Triangle

Same Opponent in a Triangle From the Mount

After being presented with the Gold medal we asked Mike what he thought about his opponent he met in the finals. “ He was a very tough guy, when he forced me to turn out he caught me in a choke. I couldn’t believe it. He beat me to the transition. He was a great guy and very nice. I enjoyed talking to him after the event. He has a great attitude. That was a exciting match.”

"Mike Easton Continues His Winning Streak"

About six months ago Mike Easton started proving that he’s a force to be reckoned with in the BJJ Blue Belt divisions. Having concentrated on NHB fighting most people didn’t even know Lil Mike fought with the gi. The big day came a month ago at Gustavo Machado’s Virginia BJJ Federation tournament that Mike had a break out day winning his blue belt division and winning his very first Blue belt Open Class Championship. Weighing only 145lbs he was able to defeat opponents that weigh over 100lbs than himself. After learning that Fowler was going to Georgia to hopefully face Ryan, Easton wanted in to try his hand against the best the South East had to offer.

Mike Easton came into the event with his hair bleached blonde and amazed the crowd with his acrobatic style of BJJ. Easton won his first match in a war where he was always trying to pass the guard, finish with the brabo but his opponent from Alliance kept putting him back into the guard. Mike was able to pass a few times to get the victory.

In round two Easton used Master Rhadi’s pull/knee tap to perfection. Easton has been working this takedown for the last two weeks and it paid off. From this point on he performed perfect knee cut across passes, perfect mounting techniques and flawless technique to get the victory.

In the finals Mike completely dominated his opponent to get the win. After winning the blue belt tournament Mike had this to say…” This was my very first time going out of town to compete in BJJ. I didn’t know what to expect. Boy was this fun. It was nice meeting some new grapplers.”


Mike Sinks in His Guillotine!!

Mike Finishes His Opponent With A Brabo Choke

Mike Easton Victorious

Mike didn’t have anyone in the 145-advance division so he was put into the 170lb division where he drew none other than Ryan Ellison in the first round. Giving up 25 lbs to Ryan was a challenge in itself. At the last minute there was an entry at the 145-weight class for Mike to fight so he went into his normal division. Mike continued to show his acrobatic style, passing the guard, mounting, knee on belly and finally finishing with the Brabo choke. After the match this is what Mike Had to say, ”I wish there were more people to compete against in my division but my opponent was a great guy. He was very tough in the match and never gave up. This is only my second time entering an advance no gi division, the first time I entered the advance no gi division I lost to David Jacobs, so I’m happy that I got the victory. I’m looking forward to more losses for the learning experience though but the victory feels good.”

Mike Easton Wins Gold!!

Jose Villarisco Represents In an Impressive Manner!!


Mr. Jose also made the trip and ended up winning the Silver medal in both the gi and no gi. For those that don’t know Mr. Jose weighs 124 lbs and always has to fight people at a much higher weight division. We were hoping that there would be other light guys to compete against but it wasn’t to be. Mr. Jose ended up competing in the 142lb division. All in all he did a great job bringing home two medals.

Team Lloyd Irvin would like to thank Jacare for putting on a great event and for the hospitality.


November 13, 2004:

"Team Lloyd Irvin Lead By Buck Grant Cleans
House At The King of The Ring"

It was a clean sweep for Hybrid Academy of Martial Arts. 4 fighters from HAMA competed in Muay Thai bouts in Virginia Beach's King of the Ring. 4 fighters left the ring victorious. Among these fighters were Richard Hernandez (130 lbs), Stacy Galloway (137), Leslie Flack (115), and Brett Albee (245).

The first three matches were fought against Extreme Muay thai out of New York. The result was two unanimous decisions for HAMA (Richa and Leslie) and a TKO (via Stacy Galloway). Brett Albee fought in a bloody 3 round match that went to a split decision in HAMA's favor. After suffering form a 2 inch cut above his right eye, Brett proceeded to fight and turn the tide during three rounds of heavy weight Muay Thai action.

Everyone at Team Lloyd Irvin is Very proud of you guys and ladies. Keep up the great work.

October 23, 2004:

Mike Fowler Defeats The Giants

Team Lloyd Irvin’s 160-170lb Fighter Mike Fowler made the trip to California for the US. Open to battle with the best the West Coast had to offer and ended having to face some giants.

When Mr. Mike arrived at the arena he soon learned that there was no one in his weight division for him to fight. Mr. Mike called Master Lloyd panicking that he wouldn’t be able to compete at all. He had tried to move up to the next division but he was told that they couldn’t switch him because the brackets had been set. Master Lloyd asked to speak to his friend Claudio Franca who was tournament promoter. After explaining to Claudio that Mr. Mike had traveled all the way from the East Coast to support his event Claudio promised that he would do everything in his power to get Mr. Mike into a regular division.

Well Claudio was a man of his word and put Mr. Mike into a weight class two divisions above his own. So Mr. Mike would have to fight against the big boys. Mr. Mike was able to finish his first opponent and win on points against his next opponent winning the US Open for the second year in a row.


October 18th, 2004:

Master Lloyd Promotes 3 New Blue Belts

The time has come for 3 new students to take their place amongst Team Lloyd Irvin's Blue Belt ranks.

After being an extremely dedicated student Brian O' Connor changed belt colors last night. It was great to see how Brian has improved over the years.



Kurt and Ryan Hall have completely dominated the white belt ranks. Kurt has won his last 3 tournaments at the white belt ranks in impressive fashion while Ryan has won approximately his last 16 matches all by submission. If my memory serves me correctly neither one of these guys have been training for over a year and don't forget Kurt is only 18 while Ryan is only 19 years old.



This all took place during Monday nights Black Belt Club Class, there were 4 Black Belts in class, a bunch of brown and purple belts including a huge group of white/blue belts. This had to be one of the biggest test we had in awhile.

In closing I want to say that all three guys took the long walk like "True Soldiers" it was very impressive. Boy was it a LONG line.

WAY TO GO GUYS. Welcome to the ranks of the Blue Belts.

October 17th, 2004:

Lloyd Baldwin is #1 Lightweight Intermediate

We just received this email message.

Dear Master Lloyd, I would like to thank all my teammates from every
school. The support that I have received from MOD gym, the lab guys,
Nashville MMA, Lloyd Irvin Camp Springs, and Evolve @ all the tourneys
this year has been incredible. I have just achieved my goal of becoming
the number 1 grappler in the lightweight intermediate division in the
rated system. Competing all the time is tough but when team Lloyd Irvin
has your back and everyone wants to see you succeed its makes things a
whole lot easier. A team effort makes all the difference. Once again
thank you to everyone for your support.

Lloyd Baldwin MOD
Richmond VA

Mike Easton and Lloyd Baldwin

CONGRATS LLOYD for achieving one of your goals.

October 16th, 2004:

Team Lloyd Irvin's Competition Team had a busy, exciting weekend.

On Saturday October 16, 2004 Team Lloyd Irvin took a small team to compete in the annual Va. Beach BJJ Tournament.


Starting with the Brown Belt division Team Lloyd Irvin’s Brad Court
Brought home the gold.

His first match was against Yamasaki student Noah Booth, in a very tough match Brad won by advantages.

In the second match Brad submitted Gustavo Machado student Johnathen Wertz

And in the FINALS we saw another Team Lloyd Irvin vs. Yamasaki match up pitting Brad Court vs. the always tough David Jacobs.

This was a very strategical match with Brad finally securing a triangle choke on David forcing him to tap.


Mike Fowler had two matches. In the first match up he was able to get the sweep, pass the guard and finish with a perfect clock choke.

In the second match Mike forced his game on his opponent and once again finished with a clock choke.


Mr. Jose had one match and was able to pull off one of our “SNEAKY SECRET SUBMISSION” The guy didn’t know what hit him. Way to go Jose!

Mike Easton after concentrating NHB Fighting finally decided to put the gi back on and see what he had. We’ll it would be very hard to tell that Mike hasn’t had the gi on in a long time. He was working his fast paced and very exciting game. Flipping, twisting, running around in circles, rolling, and of course as always “SMILING”.

Mike stole the show for Team Lloyd Irvin as he won his weight division and won his first ever open division.

Charles KIL won the Bronze but was knocked unconscious due to an unintentional headbutt

Seth Smith took home the bronze medal.

Big Darren who was just promoted to Blue Belt last week go his first blue belt win in his first match.


In this division Ryan Hall dominated the 161lb weight class by submitting all 4 of his opponents in under 1 minute. Ryan then entered the absolute division where he submitted his first opponent and lost in the semifinals to an opponent who weighed 250lbs.

Jay Young took home the Bronze medal. Jay, who has only been training for 5 weeks, entered his first competition ever. His first match was one of the most exciting matches of the day. He was down 14 x 6 with only 1 min left when he secured the Kimura on his more experienced opponent. Jay went on to win his next match and lost in the semifinals to another Team Lloyd Irvin fighter.

Way to go everyone, keep up the good work.


July 19th, 2004:


Master Donnie FINALLY gets the PURPLE BELT

Master Donnie has been working a LONG time to get to where he is in BJJ. After winning the first ever Va. Beach Jiu-Jitsu Federation tournament a few years ago he took a break from BJJ competition. Making his return to competition Master Donnie won two divisions at this weekends tournament. And tonight Master Lloyd passed him to the rank of purple belt in BJJ. Way to go BIG D.


July 19th, 2004:


Master Lloyd Promotes Amy Moses to Purple Belt

After many years of practice, dedication and a very impressive first place victory at the Copa this past weekend Amy Moses finally changes belt colors. Just look at her ALL SMILES as usual. CONGRATS AMY. A very well deserved promotion.


July 12th, 2004:


Chad Lebrun Gets The BJJ BROWN BELT!!!

On Saturday July 10, 2004 Master Lloyd and Master Dalla Promoted Chad Lebrun to the well deserved Brown Belt.

Master Dalla tying the new brown belt

Master Lloyd and Master Dalla with their newest Brown Belt who's ALL SMILES


June 19th, 2004:


NEWS FLASH "Mike Fowler is #1 in the World, Regional, and National RATED Points Standings"

This weekend's results:

"Mike Fowler SUBMITS Everyone At Wake Forrest"

Mike Fowler does it again!!! He has turned up the heat in his quest to
become a BJJ World Champion. Last week in Tennessee and this weekend in
Wake Forest, North Carolina.

Mike found out about a tournament in NC. Friday night, hopped on a plane
Saturday morning to get some more gi matches in to help him get ready
for the World Championships in Brazil next month.

Mike was able to tap every single person in his weight division and the
Absolute weight class.

Click Here to hear what Mike had to say about his victory.

Click here to see Mike Fowlers #1 Ranking




June 12th, 2004:


Mike Fowler Dominates The Nashville Open Purple Belt Division And Wins The Absolute Division

This weekend Mike Fowler started his preparation for the World Championships traveling to Nashville Tennessee to compete in the Purple Belt Gi division. As you know Fowler has been on a tear the last 12 months competing in no gi events but now is completely focused on his gi training.

In his first Gi competition since winning the USA vs. Brazil Championships Mike was able to win both his weight division and the Open Weight Class at the Nashville Open sponsored by Gameness and Grappler Gear.

Mike had a total of four fights winning three matches by submission.



May 29th, 2004:


Team Lloyd Irvin Goes Undefeated At The Combat Sports Challenge.
Scoring a HUGE KNOCK OUT!!!

At the Combat Sports Challenge Team Lloyd Irvin had two competitors fighting in Muay Thai matches this weekend.

One of our matches was a WKA Flyweight Muay Thai Title Fight.

Mike Easton was first up. His original opponent came into the weigh ins ten pounds over weight. He was told that he would have to lose the ten pounds and after about thirty minute he decided that he didn’t want to lose the weight. So mike was left with no opponent.

Another guy who was supposed to make 140 pounds came in seven pounds over weight so Mike was asked to switch opponents. We agreed and the fight was set.

Mike Easton’s Fight lasted three hard fought rounds. Mike comes out hard throwing some hard leather. Mike catches his opponent’s kicks and drops him with a cut kick, the crowd went wild. Mike started to press his opponent up against the ropes were he started to punish him with repeated knees and punches. His opponent was very tough and was attacking aggressively but Mike was able to weather the storm and force his will.

After three rounds of action Mike Easton was declared the winner. Of course Mike did his traditional dance in the ring.

Mike Easton victory


This next match was a rematch that has been in the making for over 2 years. Jose Villirisco and Nelson Lebron fought in a kickboxing match 2 years ago with Jose winning a very close decision. You must remember that Jose does Muay Thai not American Kickboxing. This time around they would meet in a Muay Thai match for a WKA Title. The wait is over.

Jose getting final instructions from the head ref

Round One

Jose comes out looking like he was sparring in the gym, calm as ever. Nelson comes out with lighting speed in his hands. Throwing crisp and clean combinations. Jose stepped back and landed a HUGE leg kick that you could hear throughout the entire stadium. At this point Nelson knew that he was in for a WAR.

After a few more flurries, kicks and knees Jose caught Nelson with a Long Range straight knee that sent Nelson to the canvas. The crowd was on their feet. No one could believe it. Was the fight over? The ref started giving the 10 count he was at 6,7,8 was Nelson going to get up? 9, 10 the fight was over. Jose got a Team Lloyd Irvin shirt and went around the ring showing the team’s logo to the crowd.

Jose with his hand raised in Victory

Jose is the new WKA Flyweight National Muay Thai Champion.

This was a great victory as this was Jose’s first fight in over a year and he was itching to get into the ring.

Jose with his Championship Belt and Trophy



May 22nd, 2004:


Grapplers Quest US Nationals Results

We had a great day at the US Nationals this year. Here are some of the results.


Zach Davis GOLD
Matt Harbison SILVER
Kareem Amerson- BRONZE

Kareem gets 4 for taking the back

Kareem wins


Jay Simon wins the GOLD after doing the most unusually and mind blowing technique ever seen on the mat. If you want to know what it was you have to ask one of the guy. (ha-ha)


Master Paul brings home the SILVER in his division.

Master Paul on the winners podium


Jared Weiner wins the Advance Divisions bringing home the GOLD.

Jared brings home the Championship belt

Mike Fowler wins the Advance Divisions Bringing home the GOLD submitting 3 opponents along the way.

Mike Fowler submitting his opponent in the finals with a triangle

Fowler brings home the Championship belt


Nakapan makes it to the finals in the Pro Division and gets the SILVER losing by 2 points in Over Time. Nakapan beat Renzo Gracie Black Belt Amal Easton along the way in a great technical match to advance to the finals.

Nak working to pass Amals guard

Nak getting his hand raised in victory


May 8th, 2004:


Team Lloyd Irvin Wins The King Of The Ring 165lb NHB Tournament

Lloyd Irvin Blue Belt Dave Kaplan fought in a MMA Tournament for the King of the Ring 165lb title. Dave fights out of The Hybrid Academy in Va Beach and is trained by Lloyd Irvin Brown Belt Ken Parham and Lloyd Irvin Blue Belt Buck Grant. To win the 165lb title, Dave would have to fight 2 times in one evening. Everyone in the crowd was very excited, because Mixed Martial Arts Tournaments are very rare now days, unlike the early years of the UFC. Dave's first fight was against the super skilled Erin Moser.

Round 1

Dave immediately stalked Erin, using his punches to set up the clinch. Dave transitioned to a beautiful takedown, passing the guard and getting the mount. Dave severely punished Erin from the mount. Throwing punch after punch. People in the audience mentioned they have only seen this type of punishment on International Vale Tudo Tapes from Brazil. The referee noticing that Erin was about to be KO'd stopped the fight at 1:38 of the 1st round.

 The celebration was  short-lived.

One Down, One to Go


In the finals Dave was to meet Binky Jones, who is an ex-collegiate wrestler with excellent takedown and submission skills. Binky fights out of Renzo Gracie Affiliate, John Rallos Ground Control in Baltimore.

This fight was the MAIN EVENT!

Binky Jones used to train at Lloyd Irvin’s Martial Arts and David promised to bring the Belt back to Team Lloyd Irvin.

Round 1

When the fight started, Dave showed off his Muay Thai skills throwing punches and landing a nice high kick to the head of Binky who immediately clinched. Binky landed a nice hip throw on Dave landing on top in side control.

However, Dave was ready for a WAR!

For those that know Dave, he LOVES going for leg locks and this fight would be no different. Dave quickly escaped out of side control and transitioned into an ankle lock. Binky fought threw it and then they scrambled for position where Binky gained control of the mount. Once again Dave reversed the position, landing on top of Binky's guard. From the top Dave was landing some very effective strikes.

Although Dave probably could have taken Binky out with strikes, Ken trained him to finish with submissions. So Dave was hungry to make Binky tap with another ankle lock attempt. This time it was tight as Binky was wincing in pain. But remember this WAR was filled with many mini battles and once again Binky powered out and again regained the top position, landing in Dave's 1/2 guard where the round ended.

Round 2

The second round was all Dave. He came out and took control of the fight. After the round started, Binky shot in with Dave sprawling back and catching binky in a tight front headlock. Dave quickly began punishing Binky to the head and body with punches and knees. Binky went to his guard where Dave did something that caught everyone by surprise.

He stood up, kicked Binky in the legs several times and then did a Sakuraba jumping kick on Binky; the whole entire crowd went crazy! In the process, Binky gave up his back, and Dave continued to hammer down onto Binky. Dave attempted a rear naked choke, and he was close to getting it, but somehow Binky escaped. Both fighters went back to standing and Binky desperately tried to take Dave down. Dave went for a guillotine choke, and everyone thought for sure Binky was going to tap, but he withered his way out.

The round ended shortly thereafter with the entire crowd on their feet cheering for both combatants. Dave was declared the winner and the new King of the Ring 165lb MMA Champion. Look for even bigger and better things from Dave in the near future.





May 1st, 2004:


Team Lloyd Irvin Brings Home The GOLD!!!

This weekend we had competitors in NC for theGrapple Mania event and the US. Judo Nationals.

These are partial results from Grapple Mania.

Brett Tillet won his Advance Division making this his first competition in a long time. Look for BIG things from Brett, he's looking aggressive and technical.

Doug stepped up to the plate and took home the GOLD. Doug is one of our best kept secrets but he won't be a secret that much longer.

In the 8 man super fight invitational two of our Black Belts stepped up to the plate.

First Leo Dalla who will be opening a new school in Falls Church Virginia this month.

Dalla showed an excellent triangle set up in the first match that caught everyone off guard. His opponent was forced to tap out in regulation.

In his second match at the end of the regulation time the score was 0*0. In over time Dalla turned up the heat and scored 11 unanswered points winning 11*0.

In the finals we closed the bracket winning the title for Team Lloyd Irvin.

One step closer to the Olympics

Rhadi still fighting to keep his number one status in America
went to the Nationals with only one purpose on his mind.

And that was leaving the Number One 100 kilo Judoka in the US.

But Mike Barnes the number two Judoka had different plans. So
here is the story. Number one on one side of the bracket and
number two on the other side to decide who was going into the
Olympic Trials with the number one seed.

Rhadi shows why his groundwork is considered one of the best in
Judo in the World. Finishing his first opponent. On the other
side Barnes dispatches his first opponent. Second match for Rhadi
his opponent tries to bring the heat but Rhadi is to much for him.

Then in Barnes second match something interesting happened. He
was fighting the ever crafty Curly and guess what. Curly Tapped
Barnes with an armbar. It was over Rhadi would be number one and
didn't have to fight another match. Everyone from our camp was
excited. It was time to go home and not risk an injury fighting
anymore matching that didn't help us reach our goal of the Olympics.

Then Rhadi made a decision that caught everyone off guard. He wanted
to fight at least one more match. Why would he do this? Why would he
risk this before the Olympics? Well if you remember that Rhadi just
returned from a 7 month injury layoff you will understand this story.

When Rhadi was injured and had total reconstructive knee surgery the
match that it happened in was against a guy named Mark Fletcher. After
the match rumors started floating around and it came back that Fletcher
had said that Rhadi wasn't really injured he was just scared, He could
see the fear in Rhadi's eyes. For those of you that know how we train
you understand the having fear isn't even a possibility. Maybe we'll
lose but fear, NEVER.

So here we are with the number one seed already and we can go home. But
guess who Rhadi would face next if he decided not to pull out? YOu
guessed it, Mark Fletcher. So Rhadi doesn't pull out and continues to
let Fletcher know that we fear no man born of woman. At one point Rhadi
picked Fletcher up so high and dropped him the entire stadium went "Uh AH"

After putting Fletcher out of the tournament Rhadi was in the finals
where he now did the smart thing and pulled out giving Curly the National

So that all being said on June 5, 2004 Team Lloyd Irvin Competition
Team member Rhadi Ferguson will be the number one seed for the
2004 Olympic Trials.

Good job to everyone

April 3rd, 2004: NEW JERSEY NHB

Mike Easton Wins Reality Fighting Lightweight Title By Knock Out

April 3, 2004 we had to fighters fighting for Titles. Mike Easton was fighting for the Reality Fighting 145 lb Title and Muhsin Corbbrey fighting for the 155lb Title.

This was a fun filled night. We had over 50 students make the 4 hour trip to support their training partners.

In the first fight Mike Easton made his way to the ring in what may people in attendance said was “The best fight entrance they’ve ever seen”. If you haven’t seen the tape yet make sure you watch it.

After his electrifying entrance it was all business.

The when the bell rang Mike Easton charged across the ring and jumped into the air going for a flying knee. The knee missed the in deeded landing destination but landed on the chest. The crowd is going crazy. From this point on the pace was set and neither competitor stepped down from the challenge.

His opponent Jay Isip meant business as both competitors were letting their hands fly as if they could smell a knock out over the horizon. In one exchange Jay hit Mike with a 4-count combination that had the crowd on their feet again. Isip being from New Jersey had almost the entire convention center filled with his fans.

After the combination Mike threw a double jab, over hand right that if he had landed it we’re sure it would’ve ended the fight. Jay wasn’t having it and continued to throw bombs. Mike was working the clinch-throwing knee after knee, while Isip was going for the KO.

Mike finally took Jay down into the mount where Jay used his amazing strength to power out and end up in the guard. From the Guard Jay threw punishing blows from the top, Mike weathered the storm and was able to catch Jay in a triangle choke where he pounded Jay. Incredibly Jay was able to escape the triangle, flip Mike over and apply a choke of his own. Mike escaped the choke while gaining the mount position; with about 10 seconds left in round one Mike threw bombs from the mount until the bell rang.


End of round one, the crowd is on their feet.



Mike comes out with a big take down. Jay gives his back to avoid the mount; at this point Mike takes his back. This was the beginning of the end for Jay. Mike went from the back to the mount back to the back to the mount delivering a tremendous amount of punches. At one point we thought that the match should’ve been stopped. But to Jay’s credit he is one tough guy. He kept fighting with everything he had. In the end Mike got the mount with Jay’s arms trapped throwing vicious shots then all you could see was Jay’s entire body go limp. He was out. The ref jumped in and Mike Easton was the Reality Fighting Champion.

We want to give the utmost respect to Jay Isip who was a true warrior and

came to fight.

MIKE EASTONE is the new Reality Fighting Lightweight Champion.

Our next fight featured Muhsin Corbbrey vs. Kurt Pellegrino

This fight went 3 rounds in the same exact fashion each round. Fight started Kurt secured a takedown with Kurt throwing punches while Musing was trying submission and sweeps.

Kurt was a takedown machine that night and was able to keep Muhsin from getting to his feet. Muhsin showed the heart of a LION fighting from off his back the entire night.

Both of these competitors gave it their all with Kurt winning the decision at the end.

This was Muhsins first loss and we know he’ll be back stronger than ever.

April 2- 4, 2004: CALIFORNIA

Team Lloyd Irvin Brings Home 4 GOLDS, 3 SILVERS, and 3 BRONZE Medals from the Pan American Championships

Members from Team Lloyd Irvin went to compete in the Countries biggest Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Competition “The Pan American Games”. After it was all said in done we brought home a lot of hard wear.

To start off this year was the first year of the Team USA vs. Team BRAZIL CHALLENGE.



Here is the Purple Belt USA Team From left to right
Bradon Vera 1st position and Mike Fowler 7th position.


This is how this works. At the American Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu National Championship the American National Champion gets to face a Champion from Brazil in a one on one competition.

Two Team Lloyd Irvin Competitors were victorious against the Brazilian Champions this year.

Team USA vs. Team BRAZIL Champions

Mike Fowler and Brandon Vera. CONGRATULATIONS GUYS!!!

Now to the regular weight divisions.

In the Blue belt division Mark Lafone took GOLD in his weight division and SILVER in the Open Division

In the Purple Belt division Brandon Vera told GOLD in his weight division.

In the Female Purple/Brown/Black Sharon Bonewicz got the BRONZE

In the Brown Belt division David Womack to SILVER in his weight division.

In the Black Belt division Mike Moses took SILVER in his weight division

Black Belt Jared Wiener Black Belt Bronze

4 GOLDS, 3 SILVERS, and 3 BRONZE Medals. Way to Represent.

Febuary 22nd, 2004:

The Grapplers Quest Beast of the East Results

Super Fight Results

This weekend at the Grapplers Quest there was great competition. Tyrone
Glover was training with us from West Coast taking on Team Renzo Gracie
fighter Joe Scarola, Mike Fowler was in the 160 pound tournament and
Jared Weiner was featured in a Black Belt Super fight against a Ryan
Gracie fighter from Brazil.

First up was our own Mike Fowler who was taking on the West Coasts Jeff
" The Pipe Layer" Glover (Paragon Jiu Jitsu), Undefeated and
Unscored-Upon 4-Time Grapplers Quest West Champion. This was a battle
of two submission hungry machines.

The match started with Jeff pulling guard. Mike was trying to pass butJeff's guard was unreal. At one point Jeff transitioned in to a omo
plata on Mike which he calmly escaped. Jeff was throwing submission
attempts while Mike was trying to pass his guard. Finally like a
Magician pulling out a trick deck of cards Mike was able to solve the
riddle of Jeff Glovers guard and secure a pass where he immediately
caught Jeff's arm for a Kimura and Jeff was forced to tap out. Jeff was
a GREAT competitor.


Mike Fowler victorious over Jeff "The Pipe Layer" Glover

Next up was Jared Weiner.

This match looked like a Judo match in the beginning. With Jareds Judo
experience and later finding out that his opponent Renato Migliaccio was
a Brazilian National Champion in Judo also explained why. Both fighter
were working for their grips when Jared had to readjust his right grip.
When Jared tried to re-grip Renato threw Jared with ippon seionage for
the 2 points. Jared popped right back up and pulled guard. The fight
stayed on the ground with Renato trying to pass; with about 15 seconds
left Jared caught Renato in a full-blown triangle/armbar submission.
The crowd was going wild. While Jared extending his arm the time ran
out. Talk about teeth clinchers. Renato wins 2 * 0.

Jared working his grip fighting

Great job Jared. Renato was also a really great guy!

Next up Tyrone Glover(Cassio Werneck)

Tyrone had been training with us all week getting ready for this battle
again Joe Scarola. Tyrone went out and did what he does best, GO FOR
SUBMISSIONS!!! This was probably the most exciting fight of the day and
anyone trained by Matt Serra you know they are submission machines also.
Tyrone would go for a submission then Joe would go for a submission and
this went back and forth for quite some time. At one point Tyrone had a
toe hold on Joe that everyone thought the match was going to be over but
Joe being tough as nails gutted it out and escaped. During a fast paced
scrabble Tyrone took Joe's back and got the 4 points. At the end of this
great match Tyrone had won 6*2. Congrats Tyrone.

Tyrone on Joe's back securing 4 points

Tyrone going for a footlock

In the Finals of the 160 lb tournament Mike faced Kurt "Batman"
Pelligrino from Team Renzo Gracie. In the first part of the match Kurt
went for a take down that Mike defended with a hard sprawl, then Mike
jumped to his guard. About 20 seconds later the ref awards two points
for a take down. People couldn't believe that the ref awarded the
points. The match ended with Kurt trying to pass and Mike trying to
sweep. Kurt wins 2 * 0.

Congrats to Mike for putting up a great fight and defeating the
previously undefeated Jeff Glover.

Congrats to Jeff for winning the match for third/fourth by forcing Brian
Dushez from Team Yamasaki to tap out to a triangle choke.

Mike Easton won his weight division and now is going to fully
concentrate on his upcoming NHB Title Fight on April 3, 2004.

 February 7th , 2004:

Team Lloyd Irvin representative Muhsin Corbbrey

Team Psych Ward remains undefeated

Saturday night 3 - 0

Fight #1

Ken "Shaft" Hartley (168 lbs) by unanimus decision improves to 2 -

0 (1 KO)

Fight #2

Erin O'neil (140lbs) (6 months of training) debut with a 1, 2

Clinic resulting in 5 standing 8 counts. Devastating Abigail Yahudah for 5

rounds in route to a unanimus decision.

Fight #3

Brandon "Sayfullah" Gay (Sword of Allah) (145 - 150 lbs) Stormed

his way to 2 - 0 (2 KO's) Relentless aggression hands of stone with crushing

kicks forced undefeated fighter to crumble beneath Sayf's onslaught of


Way to go everyone.

 February 1st , 2004:

“Team Lloyd Irvin Dominates the Combat Sports Challenge and goes 3*0.”

The Question was how did Team Lloyd Irvin do?

The answer to this question was taken from an internet forum and was posted by Gazzy Parman. This is what she had to say.

Team Lloyd Irvin were BEASTS!!!!

First up was Mike Fowler in a Grappling Super Fight.

Mike Fowler had a grappling match against a guy named Andrew, about 15 lbs heavier than Mike F., that he's fought 4 other times before Sat. night.

I believe Mike Fowler was victorious every time they fought. Last night Mike took Andrew off his feet, lifted him about 5 feet off of the ground and dropped him right on his back. This was a great fight!

It started with Mike F. in Andrew's guard since Mike got the double. Mike proceeded to pass when Andrew attempted a figure four on Mike's foot, aka a toe hold, but Mike didn't budge and continued for his pass and got it. At one point I believe Mike began an attack for the arm bar when he fell to his back. Andrew defended it but now Andrew was stuck in Mike's guard. Mike was trying for the $100 DOLLA move (inside between Master Lloyd and Mr. Mike) cuz he wanted his HUNDRED DOLLA!! He actually got it too!! Andrew hung on for dear life and was positioning his hand right about to tap, actually almost did when Mike released and started working for a different finish. If Mike F. would have held on for another 2 seconds, it would have been a finish via some kinda traingle...

Mike Fowler showing off his championship trophy

Next up was Mike Easton in a NHB match.

Mike aquired the nickname "HULK". His opponent tried to work from the guard but Mike E. didn't even give him a chance to move. After a beautiful takedown, Mike proceeded to punch the guy's face relentlessly. After numerous blows to his body and face, Mike stood up and slammed the guy at least 5 times. Before the poor dude even hit the ground, Mike was already punching at his face. That was pretty much the way the whole fight went.

In the beginning, Mike's opponent looked pretty strong with his stand up. When he realized Mike was a little beast and stayed standing with him for a while delivering some hard knees from the clinch, kicked and punched a few good ones then finished with a hard double- leg sweeping the guy off of his feet, his spirit was broken. Mike's opponent did a great job at continuing with everything he had, but Mike was just relentless. After winning the fight, Mike looked at Master Lloyd Irvin and his father with a big smile then did the cutest little dance number that impressed everyone once more.

Mike Easton is a proud NEW sponsoree of TAPOUT...

To see a short video clip of this fight, click here

Next up was Muhsin Corbbrey.

Muhsin's fight was also off the hook!! Muhsin is on a mission in 2004 and Giovanni just happened to be his first opponent. It was a quickie. They went standing for a while trading blows before Muhsin took the guy down and continued working his ground game. He passed the guys guard, mounted, fell back for the arm bar when his opponent sat up right into the traingle. Muhsin slipped it in

right quick and it was TAP TAP TIME...

Muhsin is victorious

After Muhsin's hand was raised for the victory, he looked right at Master Lloyd with a big smile just like Mike Easton and Mike Fowler, and represented his love for Master Lloyd Irvin by holding up the team shirt and walking around the ring showing it to the crowd.

Team Lloyd Irvin was ruling that night. It was great to see how much love Master Lloyd's students have for him.

Hats off to team Lloyd Irvin. Strong spirit, deep love, total teamwork.

To see more photos of the event click here

This is a team photo that was taken after the event before everyone went out to eat. Everyone that came to support is not shown in the photo as some people had to leave after the event. We had well over 50 parents, family, friends, team mates pack up in their cars and make the trip. Talk about team support.

Next stop March 6,2004, The King of the Ring. Jose villirisco will be fighting for the lightweight title. For more information about this event visit http://www.kingofthering.org/

April 3, 2004 Muhsin will be fighting Kurt Pelligrino from Team Renzo Gracie for the 155 lb title at Reality Fighting 6. Mike Easton will be fighting Jay Isip for the 145 lb title. For more information about this event visit. http://www.realityfighting.tv/

 December 6th , 2003:

Mike Fowler Defeats Ralek Gracie
to Win
Purple Belt Open Division

This weekend there was fierce competition in California’s Grappling Games.

Team Lloyd Irvin brings home TWO GOLD MEDALS!!!

The day started off very disappointing. After traveling almost 3000 miles to compete in an event that we thought would be loaded with purple belts Mike found out that there was only one competitor in the 148-160 pound division.

So in the first match it was Team Lloyd Irvin’s Mike Fowler against a very game Brazilian. The Brazilian pulled guard and the game began. Mike was aggressively trying to pass the guard, but his opponent had a excellent open guard that was giving Mike some problems. The Brazilian was attacking sweep after sweep, while looking to come on top. At one point he elevated Mike into the air, which looked like he was going to be swept, but Mike was able to cartwheel out to avoid it. With about 2 minutes left, Mike finally solved the mystery of the Brazilians guard and was able to secure a guard pass. Once in the cross it was time to look for submissions, Mike started moving in for his patented choke, once there the time ran out.

Mike Wins the GOLD in his division

After the match, Mike was feeling the effects of being sick all week and decided not to enter the open weight division. But when they announced that Ralek Gracie had entered the purple belt open division, Mike couldn’t pass on the chance to possibly get to fight a Gracie. So he entered the open division.

The Brackets were set with Mike on one side of the bracket and Ralek on the other side. You could feel the excitement building in the stadium. If both could make it to the finals, this would be a match for the ages.

In the first match of the open, Mike faced an opponent from Jean-Jacques Machado that out weighed him by 60 pounds.. This was a very boring match for the first six minutes.

Mike started by pulling ½ guard, his opponent was awarded an advantage then it appeared that he was content on not moving at all. The referee warned him for stalling, but he just wouldn’t move. Mike was trying to escape but he just couldn’t budge this giant. Realizing that his day was about to be over if something didn’t change he started using every technique he knew and finally was able to regain his guard. From there, being down an advantage, he went on a non stop flurry trying to submit and sweep his opponent, but it was clear that his opponent trying to stall out a victory.

With about one minute left, Mike went to open guard to look for more sweeps, when out of nowhere his opponent sat back for a leg-lock. Mike was able to come up on top where he landed in his opponents ½ guard. The crowd was on their feet routing for the little guy. With only 10 seconds remaining Mike was able to free his leg for the guard pass. Talk about clinching your teeth.

On the other side of the bracket Ralek Gracie submitted his first opponent rather quickly.

Mike’s second match was against the Brazilian he fought in his weight division. This time Mike pulled guard first and was able to pull off his triangle from ½ guard in about 2-3 minutes.

Mike’s in the FINALS!

On the other side of the Bracket Ralek taps his opponent within a minute by foot lock.

It’s set, Mike Fowler vs. Ralek Gracie in the FINALS.

You could feel the excitement in the crowd. Everyone in the entire stadium gathered around the mat to see this epic East Coast vs. West Coast match up.

On one side of the bracket you have one of the East Coasts brightest stars, who since getting his purple belt only 4 months ago has been on a tear fighting as much as he can.

On the other side of the bracket you have the son of Rorion Gracie, the man responsible for bringing Gracie Jiu-Jitsu to America and the creator of the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship.) Ralek Gracie, is a person that has been doing Jiu-Jitsu since he was a child.

Mike, having won the 148-160 pound division, and Ralek, having won the 174-188 pound division. This was a battle of Champion vs. Champion.


This match was so fast and high speed that I won’t even try to do a play by play and would highly recommend that if you get a chance to see this match, to get the video, download the link, or whatever.

Here it is in a nutshell.

Mike went for a takedown that was unsuccessful, but ended up getting a sweep from his guard moving directly into a guard pass making it 5 * 0. At this point the game began, everyone one knows that Mike is always looking for the finish but what made this so exciting is that Ralek is a submission machine also. Mike almost took Raleks back, but his defense was excellent. These guys were moving so fast going for sweep and submissions at rapid speeds. At one point Ralek caught Mike in a foot lock that everyone in the stadium thought it was lights out for Mike but he is well versed in foot lock escapes and was able to gut it out. Ralek started attacking for more submissions. One time he had Mike in a Kimura and Mike was somehow able to spin into his own armbar on Ralek, landing out of bounds. The crowd was going wild, everyone was shouting. Mike was winning 8 * 4 with 90 seconds left. The Gracie corner was giving Ralek instructions, while Master Lloyd was getting Mike motivated for a 90 second war, this is where those 30 second drills come in handy. Mike pulled guard again and Ralek went on a constant attacking spree almost passing to the mount but Mike was able to trap his leg to avoid the pass. Ralek immediately went for a sleeve choke and with 10 seconds left swithed it to a armbar. Mike was defending with just seconds left he was able to get his elbow below Ralek's groin to begin a counter when the time ran out.

Mike Fowler passing Ralek's guard

Mike Fowler work for a submission on Ralek

After the Referee raises Mikes hand in victory, Mike collapses on the mat. Both Mike and Ralek received a standing ovation from the crowd.

Rorion Gracie comes over to congratulated Master Lloyd and Mike for the victory.

Mike with Two Golds
Mike showing off his well-deserved hardware

After the match Mike said,

“That was the most fun I’ve had in a match. It was a great experience fighting someone that goes for so many submissions like I do. I’m glad I always work on my counters. (Laughing) Ralek was great both on and off the mat.”

What was it like fighting a Gracie?

“It was fine, my mental preparation went well. I think I can beat anyone when Master Lloyd is in my corner, he didn’t want me to think about him being a Gracie and had me focus more on fighting my best trying to impose my game.”

Mike Fowler with Ryron Gracie, Rener Gracie Rorion Gracie and Ralek Gracie
Mike Fowler with Ryron Gracie, Rener Gracie Rorion Gracie and Ralek Gracie

click here to see more photos

 December 6th , 2003:

After defeating Relak Gracie Mike Fowler gets a new sponsor

Tap Out Gear is Mike Fowlers newest sponsor. Congratulations

 December 1st , 2003:

Team Lloyd Irvin brings home Two
National Champions and a SILVER Medal

Mike Folwer

This weekend we sent three members of our
competition team to compete in the
2003 American National Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
Championships in California hosted by the CBJJ
headed by Carlos Gracie Jr..

Mike Fowler Purple Belt

Brad Court Brown Belt

Jared Weiner Black Belt

The winners of this event not only will
become BJJ National Champions but they will
represent Team USA vs. Team Brazil at the
2004 Pan Ams.

Last year Jared Weiner became our first
National Champion as a Brown Belt.

This year we add Two more National Champions
to Team LLoyd Irvin and a Silver Medalist.

First match

Mikes opponent pulls guard. Mike is aggressively working to pass his opponents guard and finally end up in the cross mount position getting his 3 points for the pass. Once in the cross side Mike did what he does best, look for the submission. After going for different set ups Mike Fowler finally submits his opponent with a collar choke.

Mike Fowler becomes the “2003 American National
Purple Belt Champion”

Mike is super excited about his first National Title but wants more fights so he decides to jump into the purple belt Open weight division.

Open Weight Division

In his first match he faces a touch competitor from Jean Jacques Machado. This was a battle with both competitors scoring multiple advantages on each other. Late into the match Mike decided to play his new inverted game that he’s been working on lately. Well it sure came in handy, Mike was able to keep his opponent off balance with this very awkward position and finally was able to sweep his opponent for the 2 points and the VICTORY. What a close one.

In his second match Mike’s opponent pulled guard, Mike was able to work one of his new passes to end up in the cross side where he immediately started working for a submission. After many positional changes Mike secured a chokehold and his opponent was force to tap out.

Now came the FINALS.

Remember that this is the open division with NO WEIGHT class. Mike is weighing in around 155 pounds but sometimes fights at 149 pounds. Well his opponent in the finals was at least 40-50 pounds bigger than Mike and had just tapped both of his opponents with foot locks.

Not wanting to try to trade takedowns with the Giant Mike pulls guard and is very careful to protect his feet. Once Mike pulled guard everyone thought it was over because we found out that this guy is a guard-passing machine. Well Mike is used to tight guard passing pressure and it’s a good thing that he’s been adding some new things to his guard over the last two weeks because they really came in handy. Mike and Master Lloyd have been working on a new triangle variation that is practically undetectable to an opponent until it’s too late (YES another one on top of the ½ guard triangle). Well Mike caught his opponent in this choke but lost his grip because he was so big. Mike was able to get some more advantages and almost got his patented ½ guard triangle but couldn’t completely lock his legs. Time ran out giving Mike the victory.

Mike Fowler “2003 American National Purple Belt Open Class Champion”

Brad Court

In Brad’s very first fight as a brown belt he pulled guard, got a sweep, took his opponents back went to the mount and took the back again. Looking for different submissions Brad was attacking from the mount and attacking with brabo chokes. Time ran out with Brad winning the match. Brad said his opponent was a really nice guy.

“It’s always nice to get the first fight at your new belt out of the way”

In the finals Brad got caught with a big throw in the beginning of the match. Brad was able to work back to ½ guard and eventually back to his butterfly guard. At this point Brad was attacking trying to get a sweep. After several different attacks Brad executed a beautiful butterfly sweep. From the top position Brad starts to work his guard passing, with beautiful technique Brad passes the guard, his opponent come back up and Brad jumps guard. Now back in the guard Brad is attacking working for submissions finally landing a triangle, his opponent is aggressively trying to counter the triangle choke and forces Brad to let go. After such a hard fought battle the split second he escaped he appeared to take a rest to get himself together or something and Brad slapped another triangle choke back on this time there would be no escaping Brads triangle. He had no other choice but to tap out to Brad’s triangle. Giving Brad the WIN!!!

Brad Court “2003 American National Brown Belt Champion”

Jared Weiner

Let me start off by saying Jared was fighting against everyone’s wishes because he just recently suffered what many thought was a very serious knee injury. We still don’t know exactly what it is because he refuses to go to listen to the Doctor. (Sounds like someone else we know) Jared is the true representation of Team Lloyd Irvin loves to compete and put it on the line. So here we go.

Jared’s first match is against Joao Silva who’s a black belt under Aloisio Silva. OH one more thing no one showed up for Jared’s weight division so if he wanted to fight he had to move up two weight divisions, which he did. Now back to the fight. Jared pulled guard and the fight began. Joao trying to pass and Jared trying to submit or sweep. This went on for some time. In a transition out of no where Jared went for an omo plata, then went inverted and change it to the omo plata sweep coming on top getting the two points for the sweep. Jared is working hard for the pass coming close a few times but no control. The fight gets back to the feet where the time runs out. Jared WINS!!!

In the Finals Jared pulls guard. With his opponent trying to pass Jared opens his legs to work his position, in a transition his opponent swung around and went for a knee bar on Jared getting the finish.

Jared Weiner “2003 American National Black Belt Silver Medalist”

Team Lloyd Irvin Can’t begin to tell you how proud we our of these guys. When it seems that less and less people are putting it on the line our guys are still going out there giving it their all WIN, LOSE or DRAW and that’s what it is about for those that want to compete.

Mike Fowler and Jared Weiner just received their belts within the last few months and Brad Court just received his brown belt weeks ago. Way to go guys. Keep up the good work.

pictures coming soon

 November 23rd , 2003:

Wander Braga Seminar

On Sunday Team Lloyd Irvin had the honor of hosting a seminar with on of
our Family members Wander Braga. You see Wander Braga and Master
Lloyd's instructor Leo Dalla both received their BJJ Black Belts from
Jorge Pereira. So we are in direct lineage with Wander. Once again
Wander showed some very good positions that students will be able to put
into their game immediately. If you missed this seminar you missed a

INSTRUCTOR - Professor Wander Braga is considered to be among the top
ten rated Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu fighters in the world. Professor Braga's
accolades include being five-time Vale-Tudo (NHB) winner, two-time Pan
American champion, and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu world champion. Wander Braga
is considered one of the best Vale-Tudo (NHB) fighters in the world. He
is trained by Jorge Pereira.

Here's a picture of the seminar attendees. Pay close attention, there
were 7 Black Belts in attendance.

Wander Braga Seminar

 November 22nd , 2003:

Team Lloyd Irvin brings home two SILVER medals from Judo Event

Phil Proctor brought home the SILVER medal in this weekend's
Judo competition.

James Valentine brings home the SILVER medal in this weekend's
Judo competition.

Way to go guys. Keep up the GREAT work.

 November 17th , 2003:

Team Lloyd Irvin welcomes aboard Evolve Academy of Martial Arts

We are very proud to announce the Evolve Academy of Martial Arts will now be representing Team Lloyd Irvin. We look forward to great things. You can get more information about Mike Moses's Evolve Academy in the school section.

 November 17th , 2003:

New! Team Lloyd Irvin Videos. click here

 November 15th , 2003:

KING OF THE RING VII - November 15, 2003

Seph Smith Fought in the King of The Ring VII Vale tudo event Defeating
Brian Lyttle With a triangle Choke about 2 minutes into the first round.

CONGRATS Seph way to go.

 November 15th , 2003:

Mike Fowler Wins The Grapplers Quest West November 15, 2003

Fresh off his NAGC Expert division No Gi Championship last week Mike Fowler traveled back to the West Coast to test his No Gi skills at the Grapplers Quest West Championships. Flying into Las Vegas Friday night Mike competed Saturday against the West Coast best fighters. Mike had three matches against some very tough fighters.

First up was a tough Brazilian. The match was very fast paced when all of a sudden the Brazilian did a very nice move to escape a pass when Mike caught him in the Brabo choke. We all though the match was over but the Brazilian wouldn't tap out. Mike was forced to release the hold. Less than a minute later Mike has him in another brabo choke but can't finish it. With about a minute left there is a fast scramble with Mike pulling out an INCREDIBLE move like a Magician and somehow took the Brazilians back securing the win.
Mike applying a full blown Brabo choke.

Mike catching The Rock in a Triangle
Mike catching The Rock in a Trianglee

In the second match Mike faced the one and only "ROCK" Mr.. David Jacobs from the Yamasaki Academy. In a much anticipated match Mike pulled guard and immediately starting working his guard, David was well versed in defending Mikes submission attempts until out of no where Mike pulls out a triangle. David lifts Mike into the air where Mike works to tighten the grip forcing David to put him back on the ground. Once on the ground Mike tightened up the triangle and David was forced to tap.

Mikes hand raised in the Semi finals
Mike's hand raised in the Semi finals

In the Finals Mike was facing an opponent who blazed through the other side of the bracket with a WICKED guard. Mikes plan was to pull guard first but wasn't able to, he landed in his opponents very difficult rubber guard after hitting a perfect takedown. Instead of playing a low pass game Mike played a standing pass game and performed a beautiful knee cut across pass landing in the cross side.

Mike secures the guard pass in the finals

One in the cross side Mike moved to the North South position where he performed one of Master Lloyds new secret sneaky chokes. This was the first time in competition anyone from our team used this new move but now that it has been used effectively I'm sure everyone at the school will want to learn it now. Mike held the choke solid with his opponents face turning purple, he had to tap giving Mike the GOLD!!!

Mike gets his hand raised and is declared the Champion in the Finals

After the match quite a few people came up to us asking to see how the choke works. For now it's a SECRET.

GREAT job MIKE FOWLER. Keep up the good work.

Click here to hear what Mike had to say right after his match in the finals.

November 8,9, 2003

Team Lloyd Irvin wins TWO Championship Belts and
2 Gold Medals

This past weekend Team Lloyd Irvin entered 2 adult competitors into the newly created EXPERT division at this years Nage Championship, dubbed "The Largest Grappling Tournament in the World"

Team Lloyd Irvin wins TWO Championship Belts and 2 Gold Medals

First was James Valentine who battled his way into the finals showing beatiful technique. In the finals he faced a very strong wrestler that had amazing balance. At the end of the match James was succesful at sweeping his opponent and maintaining the mount position.

At the end James had his hand raised in victory. Giving him the win and the HUGE Championship belt!!

Our second competitor was Mike Fowler who also had some very tough matches working his way into the finals. Once again Mike prevailed in the finals winning a very difficult match on points. With his hand raised in victory this young kid could do nothing but smile. This victory secured another Championship belt for Team Lloyd Irvin.

Mike Fowler

Now where did the two medals come from?

Jose " The Pistol" Villirisco is the name. Jose less than a week after receiveing his BJJ Blue Belt went to the NAGA Championships competing in the No gi and his first ever Blue Belt division.

In the No Gi once again Mr. Jose was out weighed by everyone by at least 20 pounds. Just in case you don't know already Jose is only 118 pounds and can NEVER find an event that has his weight class so he always has to fight in the 139 pound division. Regardless Jose entered the No Gi division going for submission after submission, in one of the most bizaar scenes ever witnessed in submission grappling Jose and his opponent went for a flying armbar at the exact same time bumping heads and landing on the ground, everyone thought they were out but the kept fighting. After a few grueling matches Jose was in the finals where he fought the man that can do magic to videos, Belder from Belder Productions. This was a GREAT match as Belder showed his experience sweeping Jose with little time left, it looked as if the match was going to end until Jose started working Team Lloyd Irvin's signature triangle attack and before you know it he landed it for the submission.

Jose Brings home the GOLD in the No Gi..

"Jose "The Pistol" Villirisco
Jose Brings home the GOLD
Next Jose fights in his very first Blue Belt Gi division. When he got to the event he found out that 2 of the competitors had beat him last year as a white belt and they beat him pretty good. All week he wanted to know how everyone thought he would do as a blue belt and he quickly found out having 2 major epic battles with his opponent from Alliance where he was going for sweeps, brabo chokes and more. His first match as a Blue belt he wins 7*2. In the Finals he faced a tough Renzo Gracie blue belt, this match was VERY close and in the end Jose won 4*2 giving him the GOLD medal and the title 139 pound 2003 NAGA Blue Belt Champion.

Way to go everybody. Keep up the good work.

To see how our kids did please click here

 November 5th , 2003:

Master Lloyd Promotes Brad Court to Brown Belt.

Brown Belts beware, there's a new man around town and his name is Brad. Congratulations Brad, we know you'll represent the Brown belt well.

  November 3rd, 2003:

"Jose "The Pistol" Villarisco Promoted to Blue Belt"

After winning his division at the Copa Atlantica this past weekend Master Lloyd promoted Jose to BJJ Blue Belt tonight. You should've seen the belt train, WOW!!! Congrats Jose, your hard work and persistence really paid off.


"Jose "The Pistol" Villirisco
 November 2nd, 2003:

Team Lloyd Irvin Wins Team Title at the Copa Atlantica
Brazilian Jiu Jitsu:

Official Results from the 2003 Copa Atlantica Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Championships

Copa Atlantica Team Championships:

1st Place: TEAM Lloyd Irvin - 370 points

2nd Place: Renzo Gracie Association - 318 points
3rd Place: Royler Gracie/Dave Adiv USA - 168 points
4th Place: Alliance - 164 points
5th Place: Machado Association - 162 points
6th Place: Yamasaki - 152 points
7th Place: Linxx - 134 points
8th Place: Groundhog - 84 points
9th Place: Balance Studios/Hasset - 78 points
10th Place: GAMMA - 62 points
10th Place: Odyssey - 62 points

We had a GREAT showing this weekend. Some highlights.

Phil Proctor was winning his final match 21 * 0 before he submitted his opponent.

Mike Fowler submits everyone in his weight division and in the Open division.

Mr. Jose put on a pure BJJ clinic fighting in a weight division 20 pounds heavier than his own.

Brandon Vera wins his division and splits open title with Mike Fowler.

Brad Court showed why he’s the man to beat. Having been plagued by injuries all year Brad jumped into the purple belt mix and dominated in all of his matches finishing his opponent in the finals with a wicked armbar.

Mr. Mike and Brandon Vera after winning
the Absolute class. They closed out
the brackets.

James Valentine entered the open division submitting his first opponent with a collar choke and stepped to the side to allow team mate Mike Fowler to continue.Paul Greenhill perfectly executed everything he’s been working in class in his match.

Team Lloyd Irvin after a long day of work.

Women’s Purple/Brown/Black Belt Absolute
2nd Place: Sharon Bonewicz (Lloyd Irvin)

Executive ; Blue Belt ; Lightweight: 159 lbs. and below:
2nd Place: Steve Bowers (Lloyd Irvin)

Executive Purple Belt ; Middleweight - 160-179.9 lbs.:
3rd Place: Paul Greenhill (Lloyd Irvin)

Executive ; Purple Belt ; Heavyweight - 200 lbs. and over:
1st Place: Phil Proctor (Lloyd Irvin)

Mens White Belt; Flyweight; 139.9 lbs. and Below
1st Place: Jose Villarisco (Lloyd Irvin)
3rd Place: Jas Frawley (Lloyd Irvin)

Mens White Belt &; Light-Heavyweight; 190-204.9 lbs.
2nd Place: Denarvet Adair (Lloyd Irvin/BJJ United)

Men;s White Belt ; Heavyweight &;225 lbs. and over
2nd Place: William Scott Davis (Lloyd Irvin)

Men&;s White Belt &;Superweight ; 225 lbs. and over
2nd Place: Steve Holt (Lloyd Irvin)

Mens Blue Belt &; Featherweight &; 140-149.9 lbs.

3rd Place: Rafael Stoppazzollo (Lloyd Irvin)

Men&;s Blue Belt &; Lightweight &; 150-159.9 lbs.
3rd Place: Steve Bowers (Lloyd Irvin)

Mens Blue Belt &; Cruiserweight &; 180-189.9 lbs.

Mens Purple Belt &; Lightweight &; 149 lbs. and below
3rd Place: Justin Montano (Evolve/Lloyd Irvin)

Mens Purple Belt &; Welterweight &; 150-164.9 lbs.
1st Place: Michael Fowler (Lloyd Irvin)

Mens Purple Belt &; Middleweight &; 165-179.9 lbs.
1st Place: Brad Court (Lloyd Irvin)
3rd Place: James Valentine (Lloyd Irvin)

Mens Purple Belt &; Heavyweight &; 200 lbs. and over
1st Place: Brandon Vera (Lloyd Irvin)
2nd Place: Phil Proctor (Lloyd Irvin)

Mens Purple Belt Absolute
1st Place: Michael Fowler (Lloyd Irvin)
2nd Place: Brandon Vera (Lloyd Irvin)

Jose - 1st white belt Jason Frauley 3rd

Mike Fowler on the podium sporting the new Team Lloyd Irvin patch.

 October 25th , 2003:

Mike Fowler Wins the US. OPEN

October 25-26, 2003

Mr. Mike went to california to compete in one of the toughest competitions on the West Coast and brought back the GOLD.

Congratulations Mr. Mike. Can you believe he's only been a purple beltfor 2 months?

Click here to hear what Mike thought about his trip California to compete.

Mike Fowler Wins the US. OPEN
October 5th , 2003:

Team Lloyd Irvin results Virginia Beach Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Championships October 5, 2003

Phil Proctor wins Purple belt Open Division.

Mike Fowler continues his win streak in the purple belt division tapping all of his opponents.

Remember Mike has only had his purple belt a few months now.

Mr. Jose moves up two weight divisions fighting guys 30 pounds heavier and brings home the GOLD.

Brandon Vera shows he's going to be a force at the COPA November 1, 2003.

Even in our losses we had some GREAT learning experiences. Can't wait for the next one.

Here are the rest of the results of last weeks BJJ tournament:

Greg Leary - Fought a really tough 1st round match, but lost by points

Rafa haha - took GOLD Medal

Jose Villarisco - excellent flying armbar attempt- GOLD Medal

Charles King - 1st white belt by armbar. GOLD Medal

Brandon Vera - 1st all by submission GOLD Medal

Mike Fowler - 1st all by submission GOLD Medal

Phil Proctor - 1st in the absolute after losing first round of his division...CONGRATS PHIL!!!!!! GOLD Medal

Brian O'Conner - lost tough first match

Albie - 1st by submission GOLD Medal

TC - 2nd place one submission

Master Paul Greenhill - lost a tough first round match, but look out for him at the future tournaments, he was fighting with the younger guys in this one, when he didn't have to, and in my opinion, he's going to take those divisions soon.

James Valentine - won his first match and lost the second on points.

Jared Weiner - rough day this was, he was defending a take down and knee popped loud as can be. he will be back in no time, he's had injuries worse than this one, i cant see anything short of a train wreck stopping Jared from doing jiu-jitsu.

I think I covered everyone and forgive the spelling because I am rushing. I apologize if I didn't put you in here, so e-mail me if I forgot you.

Next stop the COPA November 1, 2003.

It's rumored that our BIG GUN Brad Court will be representing at the COPA. .

 Sept 22nd , 2003:

Team Lloyd Irvin's Brandon Vera WINS
Vale Tudo Event Remains Undefeated.

Brandon Vera

Brandon Vera

In Ohio's Reatlity Combat Bradon Vera had a NHB match and it was his first time fighting in a steel cage. His weight division was 220lb but his opponent didn't show up and he ended up fighting 250 lb Purple Belt Don Richards from Team Caique.

Brando started the fight off with a BIG body suplay but he threw his opponent into the fence and he bounced back on top landing in the mount. Brandon escaped the mount position working his way off of the fence back to the feet. They traded some more shot then Brandon took the fight to the ground.

Brandon maintained good positioning where he landed great shots. The fight went like this both rounds with Brandon winning a unanimous victory.

This was a really well ran event that looked like a smaller pride show because of the set up. Celebrities like Mark "The Hammer" Coleman was in the house.


Look for BIG things from Brandon in the near Future.

groupshot after Vera fight
Group picture after Brandon won his Vale Tudo fightteam
Lloyd Irvin Jose, Ken and Buck

 Sept 20th , 2003:

Mike Easton Wins his very first Muay Thai Competition.

damage inflicted

Mike in his corner looking over to see if they're going to let the fight continue.

Fortunately the doctor stopped the fight. MIKE EASTON WINS.

 Sept 13th , 2003:

Mike Fowler wins GQ World Championships- 4 fights 4 submissions

Grappling Quest World Championships
September 13, 2003

MIke Fowler Mike Fowler who is just about to hit the 2 year training mark. Mike Fowler could very well fight in the intermediate divisions because of his time in but he doesn't

Mike Fowler won the men's adv. 159 lb division of the Grappler's Quest World Championships this weekend. Mike won all four of his matches by submission.

Brabo choke, rear naked choke and two triangles. In the finals he fought a very experienced and talented BJJ Brown Belt namedKeith Florian from Boston Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, finishing him
in under a minute.

We can't begin to explain how big of a deal this is for Mike because Keith is REALLY good, he has placed in the Pan Ams as a Purple Belt and a Brown belt. He has been training Jiu-Jitsu as long as Master Lloyd has. Mike has been on cloud nine ever since. When you see him I bet he'll still have that BIG smile on his face.


 Sept 12th , 2003:

Master Lloyd promotes his very first Black Belt in BJJ.

Jared Weiner becomes the very first student to receive a Black Belt in BJJ under Master Lloyd Irvin. Jared received this great honor on September 6, 2003 in front of all of his Team Members from around the East Coast and 5 other Black Belts. We're sure he'll continue to represent like he's always done CONGRATS JARED!

Jared highlighted and finished his Brown Belt days becoming the American National Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Champion winning the first ever American National BJJ tournament in California.

Jared Weiner

Just weeks ago Jared fought in a Brown belt superfight against a Brazilian Top Team student under Jorge Gurgel winning 9*0.

Once again congrats Jared. This is a HUGE accomplishment.

Click here to hear what Jared had to say about receiving the Black Belt:

 August 22nd 2003:

On August 22, 2003 Master Lloyd Promoted Ken Parham to Brown Belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

Congrats Ken.

Ken Parham
Ken Parham


 July 28th , 2003:

Master Lloyd promotes Sharon Bonewicz to purple belt.
Congratulations Sharon!

Sharon Bonewicz

 July 28th , 2003:

Master Lloyd Promotes in Brazil.

Mike Fowler

After a complete domination of the Blue Belt ranks Master Lloyd Promoted Mike Fowler to the rank of Purple belt while in Brazil. Purple belts BEWARE!!! This man is on a mission. Make sure you say congrats to Mike when he returns from Brazil. Oh I forgot the day he gets home he's going to compete in his first event at a purple belt.

 July 2nd , 2003:

Lloyd Irvin's Martial Arts accomplishes a remarkable feat only done by 2 schools in the WORLD ever! LIMAA sent members of it's competition to the Worlds most grueling Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Competition in Rio, the Mundials. After the World Championships had concluded students Rhadi Ferguson emerged with the Silver medal in his perspective belt division.

Rhadi Ferguson
Rhadi Ferguson

Team Lloyd Irvin and American Top Team Tie for first place to decide who is the best team on the East Coast.

1st Place (TIE):

Team Lloyd Irvin and American Top Team

3rd Place:

Freestyle Fighting Academy

4th Place:

Team Renzo Gracie

The following match by match results were posted by Puma of ATT, I think he explained everything completely, thank you Puma!:

First Round:

Ives vs. Weiner- Ives wins 4-2

Parrumpinha vs. Cardosa- Parrumpinha wins 8-0

Margolis vs. Williams- Margolis wins 6-0

Popovitch vs. Avellan- Popovitch wins 4-2

D'arce vs. Dalla- Dalla wins 0-0

JD Boca vs. Ruiz- Boca wins 0-0

JD Irvin vs. Mordente- Irvin knocks himself out going for a flying triangle.

Bitetti vs. Avellan- Avellan wins 6-4

Ferguson vs. Alvarez- Furguson wins 0-0 JD

Monson vs. Hernandez- Monson wins 4-0

Total For First Round: ATT wins 4-1 over FFA

Irvin wins 3-2 over Renzo's

Second Round

Ives vs. Cardosa- Cardosa wins 0-0 JD

Parrumpinha vs. Weiner- Parrumpinha wins JD

Avellan vs. Williams- Avellan wins 2-0

Margolis vs. Popovitch- Margolis wins by triangle

Ruiz vs. D'arce- D'arce wins 2-1

Boca vs. Dalla- Dalla wins 2-2 JD

Avellan vs. Mordente- Avellan wins 6-0 (Not 100% on point total).

Monson vs. Ferguson- Monson wins 2-0

Alvarez vs. Hernandez- Alvarez by keylock

FFA takes third place beating Renzo's 3-2.

After 4 matches ATT and Lloyd Irvin are tied 2-2. The Irvin Amaury match was skipped due to Lloyds injury. Because the prize money was substantial ($5000 for 1st and $2500 for 2nd) Lloyd asked to fight. The doctor refused his request.

After discussing the situation, ATT fighters and coaches refused a victory by forfeit and offered to split the first place and the prize money. We have nothing but respect for a guy who is in his first competition since breaking his neck last year and still wants to fight despite being unconscious an hour earlier. We do not want Lloyd's warrior spirit to get in the way of common sense and lead to injury. Irvin's team accepted ATT's offer and in a show of gratitude, Lloyd handed the first place trophy to Liborio and ATT at the award ceremony.

One other note. Just want to mention the sportmanship displayed by Jared Weiner of Irvin's team. His match with Parrumpinha ended 0-0. Parrumpinha controlled the match and hit a takedown that the referee later admitted he missed and wasn't awarded points for the mount position b/c the ref did not believe he held position long enough. No criticsm of the reffing it is a thankless job and its impossible to get it perfect. Anyway, there was a long discussion amongst the 3 sets of judges b/c one claimed he didn't want to decide against Weiner out of freindship even though if pressed for a decision, he would give it to Parrumpinha. When Weiner saw what was happening he immediately told Kipp Kollar that he clearly lost the fight and took it out of the judges hands. You do not see that type of honor in any sport very often and we were happy to return the favor when the issue later arose concerning Lloyd's condition. Congrats to everyone who competed. It was a great event.


Master Lloyd is awarded "The 2002 United States Judo Federation International Coach of the Year" award!

Master Rhadi is awarded "The 2002 United States Judo Federation International Player of the Year" award!

November 3, 2002:

Lloyd Irvin's Martial arts own Jeff Ruth (second from left) won his Vale Tudo Match this weekend by TKO triangle Choke. GREAT JOB Jeff! Your hard work paid off.

Play by Play: Jeff Ruth vs. Gary Russell
Both men working good stand up. A strong punch by Ruth and a take down. Ruth into side mount working punches to the head. Good defense by Russell as he works Ruth to half guard. Ruth working hard to pass half guard, but Russell defends well. Ruth works over to side mount again, landing decent punches to the head. Back into half guard. Ref restarts the fighters
standing up. Russell going in for some strong strikes. Ruth with a knee to the face from the clinch. Both fighters swinging hard. Fighting from the clinch ends up in the ground, Russell holding half guard. Ruth working a strong arm lock from side mount that Russell fights out of. Ref calls for a cut check on Ruth. The match continues. Ruth comes out swinging . Russell
defending well and pushes Ruth to the ground ending up in Ruth's guard. Ruth working for a strong triangle. Ruth pulling on the head. Russell taps out.
(Ruth by Triangle Choke at 5:35)

    Tournament Results:
  • Fight #1- 165 lbs 1-10 minute round Elvis Garcia Vs. Brad Daddis Garcia by corner stoppage due to a cut
  • Fight #2- 160 lbs 1-10 minute round Scott Honecker Vs. Wally MacDonald Macdonald by split decision
  • Fight #3- 265+ lbs 1-10 minute round Carlos Cline Vs. Mike D'Angelo Cline by ref stoppage from strikes
  • Fight #4-160 lbs 1-10 minute round John Chupak Vs. Jeff Darienzo Darienzo by KO
  • Fight #5- 175 lbs 1-10 minute round Jeff Ruth Vs. Gary Russell Ruth by TKO, triangle choke
  • Fight #6- 185 lbs 1-10 minute round Jorge Santiago Vs. Jose Rodriguez Santiago by tapout from guillotine choke
  • Fight #7- 190 1-10 minute round Dave Tirelli Vs. Jerry Spiegel Spiegel by tapout from ankle lock
  • Fight #8- Women's 135 lbs 1-10 minute round Laura D'Auguste Vs. Shannon Logan D'Auguste by corner stoppage
  • Fight #9- 175 lbs 1-10 minute round Wald Bloise Vs. Dave Garcia Bloise by tapout from rear naked choke
  • Fight #10- 185 lbs Super Fight 3-5 minute rounds Charles Ferrara Vs. Stephen Haigh Haigh by ref stoppage (knee to the face)
  • Fight #11- 225 lbs Super Fight 3-5 minute rounds Antoine Braga Vs. Rob Constance Braga by unanimous decision
  • Fight #12- 145 lbs Flyweight Title Fight 3-5 minute rounds Zach Maslany Vs. Nick Cottone Maslany by ref stoppage due to a cut
October 16 , 2002:

Lloyd Irvin's martial arts took a few students to the US Grappling Championships...

Mike Easton:
1st No Gi and 1st place Gi
Mike Fowler:
2nd place Gi
Donald Achnick:
2nd place No Gi
Lloyd Irvin's Martial Arts Academy
6333 Old Branch Avenue, Suite 302
Camp Springs, MD 20748
EMAIL: info@lloydirvin.com
(301) 449-KICK


Team Lloyd Irvin makes history becoming the first and only team to ever defeat the legendary Team Renzo Gracie in competition.
Official Results from the 2003 Copa Atlantica Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Championships

Copa Atlantica Team Championships:

1st Place: Team Lloyd Irvin - 370 points

2nd Place: Renzo Gracie Association - 318 points
3rd Place: Royler Gracie/Dave Adiv USA - 168 points
4th Place: Alliance - 164 points
5th Place: Machado Association - 162 points
6th Place: Yamasaki - 152 points

Rhadi Ferguson
Rhadi Ferguson

Lloyd Irvin's Martial Arts accomplishes a remarkable feat only done by 2 schools in the WORLD ever! LIMAA sent members of it's competition to the World’s most grueling Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Competition in Rio, the Mundials. After the World Championships had concluded students Rhadi Ferguson emerged with the Silver medal in his perspective belt division.

Master Lloyd won The 2002 United States Judo Federation International Coach of the Year" award!

Master Rhadi won The 2002 United States Judo Federation International Player of the Year" award!