The Grappling Blueprint

Black Belt Club

Upon competing 16 classes, you enter the Black Belt Update phase of your training at Lloyd Irvin's Martial Arts. Your instructors will conduct a series of evaluations and tests to determine if you qualify for advance training in the Combat Gold Club. If you qualify, you will be invited to join the Combat Gold Club. Train hard and good luck!

What is the Combat Gold Club?

The Combat Gold Club is comprised of students committed to the goal of black belt. By the rank of blue belt a student should make the commitment to black belt and join the Combat Gold Club. We predict that over 90 percent of our students will be BBC members or BBC graduates.

Who can qualify for the Combat Gold Club?

To qualify, a student must complete 16 classes or above and have Master Lloyd's approval.

How do I get recommended?

To qualify for advance training beyond your trial year, you must:

  1. Have set the goal of black belt.
  2. Have regular belt exam participation.
  3. Super attitude in BJJ and have a positive attitude towards life.
  4. Demonstrate the qualities of Black Belt Excellence in and out of the school.
  5. Have a very high level of enthusiasm for BJJ class.
  6. Support school functions.
  7. Have good attendance and eagerness to make up absences.
  8. Be current with tuition payments.
  9. You must be a true representation of Team Lloyd Irvin

What are the benefits of the Combat Gold Club?

Lloyd Irvin's Martial Arts Academy is a Black Belt School and when a student makes the commitment to black belt they are past the trial stage. They become part of our school with the following privileges:

  1. 15% discounts on all school equipment, merchandise, and special events.
  2. Able to attend extra classes and seminars available to Combat Gold Club members only.
  3. Special Combat Gold Club patch.
  4. Able to attend our special National Combat Gold Club events.
  5. Able to attend special technique classes geared for the BBC.

What is the Soldiers of Submissions?

First rule about the Soldiers of Submissions is that we don't talk about the S.O.S. Once you're on the Combat Gold Club and you have what it takes someone will talk to you about the Soldiers of Submission. Those that gain entrance into this elite group must have the will and desire of a True Champion. This group isn't for everyone and for this reason we don't speak about it.

Do you have what it takes?

Become a member of the National Combat Gold Club
at Lloyd Irvin's Martial Arts!

Lloyd Irvin's Martial Arts Academy
6333 Old Branch Avenue, Suite 302
Camp Springs, MD 20748
EMAIL: info@lloydirvin.com
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Rhadi Ferguson
Rhadi Ferguson

Lloyd Irvin's Martial Arts accomplishes a remarkable feat only done by 2 schools in the WORLD ever! LIMAA sent members of it's competition to the World’s most grueling Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Competition in Rio, the Mundials. After the World Championships had concluded students Rhadi Ferguson emerged with the Silver medal in his perspective belt division.


Master Lloyd won "The 2002 United States Judo Federation International Coach of the Year" award!

Master Rhadi won "The 2002 United States Judo Federation International Player of the Year" award!