The Grappling Blueprint

Team Lloyd Irvin Captures Their 8th Straight Team Title

Grapplers Quest Southeast and Copa Atlantica Weekend

Team Lloyd Irvin traveled to Virginia not expecting to have enough competitors to make a run for the team title but boy did the competitors that came out do a GREAT job.

In his first competition, Tim Hadden took first in the Novice heavyweight division, defeating a Capital Jiu-Jitsu (Alexandria, VA) competitor by a comfortable 9-3 margin.  

Team Lloyd Irvin Blue Belt Ryan Hall entered the Advanced Lightweight no-gi division, as well as the Blue Belt Lightweight division.  The least experienced participant in the Advanced division by far, Ryan faced a purple belt out of the Yamasaki Academy in the first round.  After pulling guard immediately, Ryan stuffed his opponent's left arm, locked in a triangle, and extended the trapped arm for the triangle armlock.  In the second round, Ryan was paired up against the instructor of the Hybrid Martial Arts Academy in Roanoke, VA, brown belt David Hayes.  After some action on the feet, Ryan jumped guard and went to work for submissions.  After being passed on a submission attempt, Ryan utilized his amazing flexibility to escape north/south and take his opponent's back.  After being bumped off his opponent's back and taking it again with an arm drag, and being forced back to guard one more time, Ryan hit his patented push/pull triangle and adjusted for the tap to finish the brown belt!  In the finals, Ryan came up against another Yamasaki Brown belt, Brian Duchez.  After Ryan attempted to jump into a triangle off of his opponent's single leg takedown, the fighters ended up in his half guard.  From there, Ryan threatened with a Kimura, but when Brian defended, he left his other arm open to attack.  Ryan moved to capitalize with an Oma Plata, but Brian was able to posture out of the attack, and as Ryan attempted to follow him with his leg, Brian dropped right into a kneebar that forced Ryan to tap.  It was a tough loss against a good competitor, but in his second crack at a Grapplers Quest Advanced division, Ryan took home the silver.

In the Blue Belt division, Ryan submitted his first opponent with an armlock from the guard, tapped his second opponent with a mounted triangle set up off of an Oma Plata.  In the semi-finals, Ryan again matched up against Renzo Gracie standout, Matt Hachè.  Ryan and Matt have a history, as Matt took their first encounter at the Beast of the East tournament by choke from the back, and Ryan took their second with a flying triangle to armbar victory at the U.S. Nationals.  Here it would be Matt's day, though, as after a hard-fought match, he took the win on points.  Ryan's day wasn't over, though, but he ended it quickly once back on the mat by jumping guard and hitting another push/pull triangle on his opponent from Alliance (Atlanta) in the opening minute.  Ryan took the 3rd place medal and brought his Grapplers Quest Blue Belt record to 10-2 (with nine victories by submission).

“Blue Belt Absolute Champions”

Two other Team Lloyd Irvin Blue Belts entered the Advanced No Gi Super Heavy Weight and 190lb divisions.  David Carter and Brandon with both bringing home the gold.  When we spoke with Ervin about his GOLD medals he had this to say.

“It’s a good feeling bringing this GOLD medal home to the team.  Last year in NO GI  I lost in the first round 0*0 ref decision and I’m happy that I was able to come back and get the victory. I’m very happy to have won my blue belt division and the blue belt Absolute division. In the finals it was two Team Lloyd Irvin members which was also a great feeling.  The training is just so good at the school that I was very ready for this competition. ”

BJJ Blue Belt Mike Atkins brought home 3 GOLD medals in the Advance divisions.

Robi Sanyal Brought Home the GOLD in the mens lightweight Blue Belt Division.

Drew also brought home the GOLD in his blue belt division.

New comer Isaac July who has only been training for about 3 weeks won GOLD in the White Belt division and got the Silver in his No Gi division.  We expect BIG things from Isaac once he learns this game.

Big Mark brought home the GOLD in the white belt gi his very first tournament.

July won three GOLD medals.  

“The Easton Family Shines”

BJJ Queen Nyjah Easton had a total of 11 matches  winning one GOLD and three SILVERS.  Younger brother Elijah Easton made his grappling debut with less than 4 weeks of training winning his gi and no gi divisions, while big brother Mike Easton won the light weight purple belt divisions.

Master Donnie won the Purple Belt Heavy Weight Division bringing home the GOLD in two divisions.

“Fowler Submits Everyone in His Division to Win Gold”

In the brown belt divisions Mike Fowler submitted three Yamasaki students in the 175lb and under division to win GOLD. NOTE: Mike was the heaviest person in this division as the 160lb and 170lb divisions were combined due to lack of competitors.  

In his first match he faced Salvatore winning by a choke from back, second match was against Noah Booth winning by side choke and in the third match Mike fought one of the Duchez brothers winning by arm lock.  At one point it looked like Duchez was close to a knee bar but Mike escaped and got the submission.   When asked about the matches Mike had this to say.

“It was nice to be the heavier guy in my division for a change.  Usually I end up having to fight up 2-3 and even 4  weight divisions because people don’t show up.  It was good because I haven’t competed against Sal since I was a blue belt.  I was looking forward to going against him again because he’s always looking for submissions like I do and that always makes  for a great match.  I had competed against most of the other guys as purple or brown belts so it was good to compete against someone new.  Now I’m ready to go to Brazil.”

“Nakapan Is Back!”

With over a year long lay off Nakapan stepped back onto the mat to compete in the Black Belt 175lb and under division.  Nakapan lost to ATT fighter Daniel in the first round by points and beat Jonathan Wertz from Gustavo Machado Academy to take the BRONZE medal.  Now Nakapan has to get ready for one of his biggest challenges yet, the second half of his Certified Public Accounting TEST.

Team Lloyd Irvin kids had one of their best showings yet and this was without 4 of their BIG GUNS.  


NOTE: We know that there are many results left out but remember to make sure that your results get posted please email them to info@lloydirvin.com the night you get back from the tournament.  We don’t want to purposely leave anyone out.
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