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Ed Clay’s Nashville MMA/ Team Lloyd Irvin go 5-0 in Shooto St Louis!!!!!!!!

"In an amazing night of action packed fights Ed Clay’s Nashville MMA/Team Lloyd Irvin won all five matches in a combined time 5:14 seconds. Shooto comissioner Johny Walls called the teams performance “Awesome. The fans want to see knock outs and submissions and Ed’s guys deliver. All of Ed Clay’s guys were incredibaly well prepared and it showed."

The night started out with brown belt Sam Gaskin fighting wrestler Josh Carney. Sam had the reach advantage in this fight and started out by throwing a jab cross combination. Carney went in for the clinch and takedown and Sam immediately went for an arm bar. Carney lifted Sam up and tried to slam but Gaskin kept his composure and let go. As soon as Carney came back down Sam spun to another armbar this time securing it fully. Carney decided he did not want to tap and Gaskin held it for about five seconds before applying full pressure. Carney arm started popping and as he tapped :37 seconds into round one.

After the fight an elated Sam Gaskin said “I knew when the guy took me down that he had conceded the fight. He just went to my world.” He went on to say” we have such great training partners and such hard training that the fight seems like the easy part. I stuck to my game plan and the fight happened just as I would have liked”. Ed Clay said of his fighters performance “it was flawless. He worked hard in training and knew what he needed to do.

The second fight of the night pitted Nashville MMA thai boxing instructor Ryan “the Italian beast” Delorenzo against Krav Mega expert and Israil thai boxing champion Sam Sade. This fight was highly anticipated as Sade was a highly regarded expert in Krav Mega and had guaranteed a knockout against Delorenzo who had much less experience. Delorezo also was coming back from a cracked rib and took this fight on only three weeks notice.

The fight began with Ryan shooting in on a takedown. Ryan ended up on top but Sade had a body lock around Ryan’s waist. They were stuck in a postion were Ryan could not move and Sade held on to force a stand up by referee Steve Berger. Berger stood the fighters up and the immdediatly went back swinging on the fight.Ryan fired off a combo and landed a right hook to the temple of Sade. Sade crumbled at 1:07 of the first round and was completely unconscious for over one minute.

An elated Ryan Delorenzo said” everyone said Sade was going to knock me out and I just kept my mouth shut and trained. I have pro boxers and Thai boxers to spar with everyday and I knew that there was no way this guy could have better stand up than my sparring partners. My gameplan was to get him thinking about the takedown early so he would drop his hands later in the fight. Well he dropped his hands early in the fight and he went to sleep. It went just like Ed said it would!

Clay said of Delorenzo “Ryan did great. I am so proud of the way he came out and was not intimidated by this guy. He stuck to what we worked on and delivered an incredible knock out!”

The third fight of the night had Jody “The Una Bomber” Stewart against Tim Hulig. Hulig had 12 years boxing experience and was formidable on the ground. Hulig started out the fight with a two punch combo followed by a knee to the midsection. Jody stayed composed in the clinch and brought Hulig to the ropes. Jody went for a head throw and missed. He then transitioned beautifully to a rolling footlock that caused his opponent to tap at only :23 seconds of round one.

Jody said after the fight “It went exactly as I trained. I had my gameplan and stuck with it. Ed trains us so hard and has everything laid out to where we know exactly what to do to win. I always wanted to fight MMA and I am glad I had this opportunity. Clay said of Jody’s win” Jody wanted to fight and I wanted to help him achieve this goal of his. He is very talented and worked very hard in training. Jody did great!.

The next fight had Marday Weaver versus Joe Boever. Marday came out cautious as Boever was throwing kicks. Boever landed two thai kicks. The third attempt Weaver caught his leg and fired a right cross that grazed Boevers face. Boever fell to the ground as he was off balance. Marday backed off to let him up as he wanted to keep the fight standing. Boever stood and they started throwing again. Marday threw a beautiful upper cut that landed right on Boever’s jaw knocking Boever out at :41 of the first round.

After the fight Weaver said “the training for this fight was great. I have been practicing my uppercut with Ed for the last two weeks. It was my pucnh and I wanted to land it. I stuck to the gameplan and won’!

Clay said of Weaver” Marday has a lot of potential. We knew what he needed to do to win and he did it. He is a great athlete and trains very hard. We had just been working the uppercut and he through it with perfect timing . As soon as we get his bjj game down he will be un-stoppable.”

The main event of the night pitted Josh “The War Hammer” Schockman against Jonathan Spears. Spears had an impressive 14-5 record coming into the fight and had lasted 8 minutes with former UFC champion Tim Sylvia. Schockman had a 3-0 mma record and wopuld be tested by this fight. The fight started with Josh throwing a high kick to the head of Spears. Spears caught the leg and took Josh down. Josh held tight as he was trained and waited for the stand up. The fighters were stood up and Schockman through another high kick and this time partially landed it. Schockman was in a clinch and threw a vicious uppercut that landed directly on Spears jaw. Spears fell and Schockamn landed a couple more un answered blows forcing Steve Berger to stop the fight at 2.25 of round one.

Schockman said of the fight “I got to work off my back a little I got to showcase me boxing and thai boxing I knew exactly what I was going to do and it was a great night. The fight went just as we had it mapped out.” Clay said of Schockan “Josh is a beast. The guy can go far as long as he keeps training hard. He is young and has time for a lot of improvement. He is already very good but I see him being a contender in a couple years.

Overall the fights could not have been better for Nashville MMA/Team Lloyd Irvin. The team  represented well and is expecting big things in the future.

Gaskins defeats Karney by Armbar at :37 of Rd 1

DeLorenzo defeats Sade by Knockout at 1:09 of Rd. 1

Stewart defeats Hulig by Foot Lock (Americana) at :23 of Rd 1

Weaver by KO at :41 of Rd. 1

Shockman by Ref Stoppage at 2:25 of Rd 1

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