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This is our premier adult martial arts program that focuses on the art of Thai Boxing and self-defense. This program is great for students interested in getting in shape and learning how to defend themselves. GET READY to experience a workout that makes you mentally and physically strong while learning the BEST way to defend yourself effectively. We want to invite you to test drive our training system with our INCREDIBLE FREE INTRODUCTORY OFFER! Join our team today and learn about the hottest and most talked about self-defense training system in the world.

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It is a ground fighting art that was popularized in America by the legendary Gracie family. Jiu-Jitsu concentrates on dominating your opponent on the ground by using angles, leverage, and superior body positioning to control an opponent's body movement. This style allows for a smaller person to defeat a much larger attacker. We recommend this style for men and women looking for a great workout and realistic self-defense. You have the unique opportunity to train with the World's #1 Rated Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Submission Wrestling school in the country.

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Mixed Martial Arts was popularized in America by The Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). Lloyd Irvin has helped train some of the biggest names in the sport of No Holds Barred Fighting and prepared them for events like the UFC, Pride Championships, Rings, and Extreme Challenge, just to name a few. We have the #1 Mixed Martial Arts Team in the Maryland, Virginia and Washington DC area. No Holds Barred (NHB) competition isn’t for everyone. But if you have an interest in NHB, want to train at a school that can prepare you for NHB, or just want to experience the great mental and physical rush that comes with NHB training, we can help you.

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