Lloyd Irvin's Martial Arts accomplishes a remarkable feat only done by 2 schools in the WORLD ever! LIMAA sent members of it's competition to the Worlds most grueling Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Competition in Rio, the Mundials. After the World Championships had concluded students Melvin Yates and Rhadi Ferguson emerged with the Silver medal in their perspective belt divisions.
Melvin Yates
Rhadi Ferguson


July 3 , 2002:
Lloyd Irvin's winning program has caught the attention of people around the world, and has most recently been featured in an article in Grappling magazine. Click to view the article in PDF format:


June 28, 2002:

After a grueling 2 day event Team Lloyd Irvin finished second out of over 35 teams at the Copa. Great Job Team!

2002 Copa Atlantica Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Championships Official Results:

2002 Copa Atlantica Team Champions:

  • 1st Place: Team Renzo Gracie Association: 302 Points
  • 2nd Place: Lloyd Irvin: 222 Points
  • 3rd Place: Boston Brazilian Jiu Jitsu: 136 Points
  • 4th Place: Mario Yamasaki/Francisco Neto: 88 Points
  • 5th Place: Performance Brazilian Jiu Jitsu/Lou Vintaloro/Royler/Adiv: 78 Points
  • 6th Place: Linxx Academy/Pedro Sauer/Mike Moses: 68 Points
  • 7th Place: New York Martial Arts Gym/Gene Simco: 58 Points
  • 8th Place: Maxercise/Stephen Maxwell: 56 Points
  • 9th Place: Tai Kai Machado Jiu Jitsu: 54 Points
  • 10th Place: Edson Carvalho Jiu Jitsu: 50 Points

    Honorable Mention :
  • Tatame Jiu Jitsu/Top Team: 42 Points
  • Lovato/Machado Jiu Jitsu: 40 Points
  • Tatu Jiu Jitsu: 34 Points
  • Gracie Barra BH: 32 Points
  • U.S. Grappling Association/Joe Priole: 32 Points
  • Kioto Brazilian Jiu Jitsu: 28 Points
  • Team End Game/Eddy Rolon: 28 Points
  • Team ROC/Tara Larosa: 24 Points
  • Academia De Brasil: 20 Points
  • Boulder Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (Colorado): 18 Points
  • Diamond Dogs/Joe Diamond/Rickson Gracie: 16 Points
  • Tiger Schulman: 14 Points
  • Relson Gracie Association/Bronx, NY: 14 Points
  • Saulo Ribeiro Association: 12 Points
  • Planet Jiu Jitsu/Jeff Miller: 10 Points
  • American Jiu Jitsu: 10 Points
  • Mario Lemos Jiu Jitsu: 10 Points
  • Fightworks: 10 Points
  • Alliance/Island Jiu Jitsu/Dave Motti/Fabio Clemente: 10 Points
  • Connecticut Jiu Jitsu: 8 Points
  • Jerry Jones Ultimate Martial Arts: 8 Points
  • Baltimore Academy of Martial Arts: 6 Points
  • Team 58 Judo Club: 6 Points
  • Joe Guido: 4 Points


June 17-21, 2002:

The week of June 17-21 Shreveport LA saw the top fighters in the world come to compete in the AAU Sombo, Greco Roman and Freestyle National Championships. Teams from America, France, Venezuela, Virgin Islands, Bulgaria and Iran all were going for the GOLD. After a weeks worth of competition 2 of Lloyd Irvin's Martial art's students walked away with medals.

David Womack won the Silver medal in all 3 of events AAU Sombo Nationals, AAU Greco Roman Nationals and AAU Freestyle Nationals. David way to GO! 3 Silver Medals David also placed 2nd in AAU Worlds, beating the France player who won the world cup last year. After this showing David was invited to represent the American Team in the Sombo World Cup later this year in Nice France. Good Luck David.

Jeff Ruth in his very first Greco Roman tournament won the Bronze Medal. Great job.


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