US Grappling Championship results
Grappling Magazine names Master Lloyd "Championship Teacher"
December 12:
Demo practice
7:30pm - 9:00pm
December 13:
Little Ninja testing 1:00pm
S.W.A.T. Event 1:30pm - 8:00pm

December 20:
Lloyd Irvin's Holiday Party at the Academy

in house BJJ tournament and Christmas Party time to follow

January 2004

Belt Promotions

Birthday Party Pics



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On February 28th, 2004 the our Junior competitors went to the Judo Junior Invitational to warm up for the upcoming NAGA world championships. As always, their performances were that of champions and what we have come to expect from even our youngest competitors.

The final results were:

John Porter - Gold Medal (First Judo Tournament)
Demetri King - Silver Medal
Krystal Allen - Silver Medal
Carlo Levell - 2 Silver Medals! (fought in 2 divisions)
Keona Williams - Bronze
Imanuel Young - Bronze

Also competing were:

Cory Walker (First Tournament)
Justin Porter (First Judo Tournament)
Derrick Holmes

2003 Recap

This year was another wonderful one at Lloyd Irvin’s Martial Arts Academy. Our school has grown so much in the last few years and each year we always achieve monumental feats by both individual students and by the whole team. Here are some Highlights of 2003.

  • Jose Villarisco comes to L.I.M.A.A. to be a full time instructor and professional competitor. He subsequently wins his first fight wearing the famous Lloyd Irvin “Bulldog” flag against the number 2 ranked and highly touted fighter in his weight class.
  • Master Lloyd expands his adult Brazilian Jiu-jitsu program to Virginia, headed up by his very own instructor and friend Master Leonardo Dalla Costa.
  • The Junior Grappling Team goes to their first Judo tournament and shows why their the best kids around. Stand out performances were Joseph Rollins 1st, Darius Churchman 2nd, Krystal Allen 2nd.
  • The first Junior Black Belt Candidates are promoted. Mark Swadley Jr., Tommy Parker Jr., and Miles Young.

News: December 11th, 2003

Marquis Whitlow
Jordan West

On December 5th 2003 Marquis Whitlow and Jordan West became the very first students to finish the Little Ninja Course since its inception over 3 years ago. We are pleased to announce that now they will be able to wear the white belt with the "BLACK" stripe and carry the prestiguos title of "BLACK NINJA." It goes without saying that the instructors and staff have watched these two grow and are very proud of their accomplishments. click here for more...

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Lloyd Irvin's
Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Tournament

Our school's in-house tournament is one of the many opportunities that our students have to showcase their abilities. Here are results from the previous tournament

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Master Lloyd was featured in Gracie, Brazil's #1 magazine, after becoming the first non-Brazilian to ever defeat a BJJ Black Belt in Brazil. They called him "one tough American." more


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News: November 9th, 2003

November 8,9, 2003

This year at the North American Grappling National Championships the Lloyd Irvin Competition Team proved once again that they are champions both off the mat and in this instance, ON THE MAT! click here for more...


Grappling Magazine names Master Lloyd a "Championship Teacher!"
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Congratulations to our December Little Ninjas testees!

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Congratulations to our December Junior Thaijitsu testees!

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Congratulations to Justin Jones, our December AdultThaijitsu testee!

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January 2004


Keona Williams - Red/Black Belt Candidate

Krystal Allen
Justin Porter
John Porter
Roger Villogram
Jeffrey Washington
Angelo Claiborne
Davon McDuffie
Gilbert Davidson
Xavier Crawford
Victor Grubbs
Justin Russell
Jeremy Russell
Carlo (MinoCarlo) Level
Dashawn Allgood
Mystique Galloway
David Queen
Andrea Smith
Erik Hill
Ross Olexa
Lionnel Crawford
J.C. Zurita
Tywan Miller
Jabree Tucker
Marcus Jones
Reginald Johnson
yellow belt
green belt
blue belt
purple belt
orange belt
gold belt
brown belt


Ayana Bell
Tyler Robinson
Khalani Hook
Kiran Williams
Antonio Hardy
yellow belt
green belt
blue belt
purple belt
orange belt
gold belt
brown belt
BLACK Ninja!

Updated March 14th, 2004

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