Give Me 20 Minutes Of Your Time, If I Fail To Show You At Least 5 Ways That My School Can Change Your Teenagers Life Forever And You Honestly Feel That I Have Wasted Your Time, Just Say The Word, And I Will Write You A Check For $50 As My Penalty Right On The Spot!


How to ENERGIZE and Forever Change Your Child's Life in 30 Days... For FREE!

Let us make a HUGE difference in your Teenagers  LIFE!

 Discipline, improved self-esteem, proper manners, better grades, self-defense, and more!


Yeah, we dropped that offer right on the table!  We're going to give you and your Teen 30 Days to try this out for FREE!  There is no catch.  There is nothing to sign or buy.  We are hands down the leading mixed martial arts gym in south Maryland.  We are the largest and the best.  We are seriously that confident.  It's a straight up 30 Days Free to try it out - nothing to sign or buy.  If after 30 days you and your Teen doesn’t  like my  program, you can both walk away.

On top of that... it gets even sweeter...

FREE Uniform

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FREE Tour and Consultation

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Master Lloyd After Winning The Team Title At One Of The World's Most Prestigious Grappling Tournaments


I’m Master Lloyd Irvin, head instructor and owner of Lloyd Irvin’s Mixed Martial Arts Academy.

I GIVE YOU MY WORD that I am offering something that will change your Teenagers life forever – as it has for hundreds of Teenagers who have joined our school.

Of all the programs we offer at the Lloyd Irvin’s MMA Academy, I believe that our Teenage Enrichment Program (a.k.a. our “Teens  program”) is the most important.  Why?  I was born and raised in PG County Maryland… I attended Central High School in Seat Pleasant Md and growing up in PG County, I know first hand about all the unhealthy distractions that Teens face these days, and I know how the mixed martial arts can keep a Teen on the right track.


Master Lloyd With His Student And UFC Fighter Mike "The Hulk" Easton - Mike Started Training With Master Lloyd At 17 Years Old

Please understand that this is not K.A.R.A.T.E….

Mixed Martial Arts is the hottest craze sweeping the World right now.  Go ask you teen have they ever heard of “The UFC” aka The Ultimate Fighting Championships.  When you ask them they’ll probably wonder how on earth you know about it.  More about that later.

I went to public school, like most teens, and saw many of the bad influences such as gangs, drugs, alcohol, and other self-destructive behaviors which are present in ALL schools these days… however, I am confident that thru the mixed martial arts, I WILL help Teens avoid all these bad elements and stay focused on succeeding because of the goals and principles which are taught in the mixed martial arts.  The mixed martial arts WILL make and keep teens strong physically and mentally.

Master Lloyd After Winning His Division At The World Championships In Brazil.

The martial arts gave me the tools to succeed.  I do not use any drugs, I’ve never smoked a cigarette, have always kept in healthy form, have never used our mixed martial arts outside of the dojo (I would only use mixed martial arts as a form of self-defense or for competition – never to be bullies), I have used my training to disarm-armed gunman that held myself, my wife and my three year old son hostage during a home invasion that happened at my house in 2008. I’ll also teach your teen how to disarm weapons if they are ever in this unfortunate situation.  I also excelled in school receiving a scholarship to college and I graduated from Bowie State University.

Master Lloyd On Stage Teaching Hundreds Mixed Martial Arts School Owners From All Over The World How To Reach As Many Students As Possible In Order To Make A Positive Impact On Their Communities

Since getting out of college I’ve gone on to become one of the leading business consultants in America and speak nationally to people from all over the World.  As a part of our teens mma program one of my goals is to teach the teens business skills.  So if they want to own their own business one day that they can learn real skills to help them do so.



Keep in mind, I opened my school in 1996 when I was only 26 years old… Now, 15 years later, I have the one of the largest martial arts gyms on the entire East Coast…

So the common question I get is… how did I do all of this?  AGAIN, I can’t emphasize this enough, it is thru the values and lessons taught to us in the martial arts.  Every single lesson and principle is directly applicable to life… hang around me enough and you will see that all my metaphors are martial arts related.  A lot of times, teens lose interest in school and feel like they can’t relate to teachers, guidance counselors, and sometimes even their parents.

However, in a mixed martial arts gym, we are able to connect with Teens by teaching them how to punch, kick, wrestle, etc. but at the same time, using this attention-getter, we are able to instill important qualities such as discipline, honor, self-control, self-esteem, and much more.  The Teens then start to feel a part of something really special and develop a lot of pride – and they start to feel accomplished.  This sets them apart from the majority of their peers at school – which is a good thing since most teens these days are getting mixed up in a lot of things they shouldn’t.


Lloyd Irvin Speaking To A Group Of High Level Internet Marketers From All Parts Of The World

Master Lloyd With Some Of His Private Coaching - Mastermind Members

I understand that everyone has their personal philosophies about how to live their lives and about what is ok to do and what isn’t… and I respect that… but let me get something clear to you – at LIMAA, we have certain things which are 100% unacceptable.  If your personal philosophies clash too strongly with my philosophies, then do not bring your teen.  Here are a few things I will NOT accept:

  1. Substance Abuse (Marijuana, Alcohol, Tobacco, and any other drug)
  2. Disrespect of elders
  3. Disrespect of family members
  4. Disrespect of peers
  5. Vulgarity
  6. Laziness
  7. Disorganization
  8. Aimless Wandering (no goals)
  9. Lying
  10. Quitting

I have instilled rules to prevent each of those ten things from happening – and there is zero tolerance.  We will be teaching strong anti-drug programs in the academy.

We will be teaching your child to address elders and parents as “Sir” and “Ma’am”, we will be teaching your teen how to approach peers respectfully (especially how to introduce themselves).

We will eliminate any vulgar vocabulary from your teen, we will be checking your teens progress at school, we will be setting up monthly goals with your teen and following up, we will teach your teen the pride in being honest, and we will teach your teen how to FOLLOW THRU with all his/her goals and to NEVER QUIT!

We will also have them reading a very special reading list.

I have always appreciated the benefits I have gained in the martial arts and, with great gratitude, I am eager to help teens stay out of trouble and catapult them into successful happy young adults through the martial arts.

Master Lloyd With Some Of His Medalists At The Brazilian Jiu Jitsu World Championships

My goal isn’t to make teens into champion fighters - it’s to make them champions in life.  Along with teaching teens world class fighting abilities, which LIMMA  is known for, I will also be teaching them respect for themselves and others.  I will be on top of their school, their behavior at home, their behavior outside of the home… my goal is to create a solid individual in every aspect of life.

Not only can I help your child become a better person and a champion in life… but if your teen wants to compete, I can take them down a path to become a world champion.

Master Lloyd With UFC Bantamweight World Champion - Dominick Cruz and Coach Eric Del Fierro


Chat With Me Live!

Master Lloyd With Grand Slam Champ - Jimmy Harbison After Winning The World Championships. Jimmy Was Only A Teen When He Started Training With Master Lloyd

Our teens program is not like other martial art schools… you will notice that right away upon entering our facility.  We pride ourselves in our customer service and our dedication to our teens.  We work directly with your Teens school teachers and yourself to make your teen the best… a CHAMPION!

Along with doing everything in my power to help your child, I will also be teaching him/her excellent self-defense.  Your child will be learning a mix of Judo, Kickboxing, Wrestling, and Jiu-Jitsu.  This blend of mixed martial arts has made LIMMA world famous with our adults.  You can have confidence in knowing that your Teen is learning quality self defense from one of the best gyms in the world.


I am so confident that you and your child will absolutely love our gym that I am willing to offer you and your child a 30 day free trial!


I know you might be thinking, “Yeah but there has to be a catch.” 

There is no catch.  We are hands down the leading mixed martial arts gym in Maryland when it comes to teaching Teenagers.  We are the largest and the best.  We are seriously that confident.

It’s a straight up 30 Days Free to try it out – nothing to sign or buy.  If after 30 days you and your child don’t like our program, you can walk away.

So pick up the phone and call us at 301-449KICK (5425), schedule a time to come in with your Teenager and if you feel that I’ve wasted your time then I’ll write a check to you for $50 on the spot.

Now I know that some unethical people may try to take advantage of my generous offer and come to take the tour only to get the $50 but I honestly believe that there are more ethical people that I can help by offering a deal that you simply can’t turn down.

So call us now at 301-449-5425, you have absolutely nothing to lose.

Chat With Me Live!

Enter Your Info Below To Get A Call About Our Special Offer!
After you enter your info below, one of our Teens Mixed Martial Arts Consultants will give you a call to tell you all about our special offer, and answer your questions.