A Letter From Master Lloyd's Mother

Hello, my name is Rosalee Irvin, I'm Master Lloyd's Mother but everyone calls me Mrs. Rose. I'm the Director of student services at Lloyd Irvin's Martial Arts, Fitness and Learning center. I put my son into Martial Arts at the age of 3. I'm so thankful that I did because it has been one of the best decisions I've made in my life. You see Master Lloyd wasn't always this well disciplined person that everyone now knows. When Master Lloyd was a child the doctor's wanted to put him on medication because he was so hyper active. Martial Arts didn't help my son overnight, you see he was a special case but I'll never forget when I started to see the changes occur it was amazing. I never knew how far my son would go with the Martial Arts; just like every parent I just supported my child in all of his endeavors and boy did he have a lot of endeavors. I'll never forget the day when my son was driving me to pick up my car that I had to have repaired, he told me with a sincere voice that he now knew what he was going to do with his vast Martial arts knowledge. He said I want to make a difference in the World, I don't just want to be known as a Great Fighter but I want to be known as someone who cared and made a difference in many lives.

On that day he told me his plan on how he was going to accomplish it. It was a gratifying feeling to hear my son talk about such a noble act. From that day on he never mentioned it again to me he just put his plan into action. While helping my son on Saturdays it was amazing how all of the parents would praise what my son was doing for their child. I would hear comments like " Mrs. Rose it's a blessing what your son is doing with these kids" "Mrs. Rose I can't believe it my daughter made the honor roll for the first time ever" "Your son's school is the best thing that has happened to our family". I heard these types of comments everyday I came to the school and I realized that my son was really making a difference in people's lives. I also made a decision, I decided that I was going to retire and come work with my son fulltime. I wanted to have an active roll on a daily basis and I can't tell your how fulfilling it is to be making a difference in so many lives. When my son commits to something he is unstoppable and he's committed to helping as many people as possible benefit from his program. Lloyd Irvin's Thai Jitsu Program/After School Program will work for you and your family no matter what you're looking to get out of it. From one parent to another I would love to meet you and talk to you about how Lloyd Irvin's Thai Jitsu Program can help you. So please feel free to call and ask for Mrs. Rose. I look forward to meeting you in person very soon.

Rosalee Irvin



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